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A Just Democratic Humanitarian Action on Immigration

United States(US) President Obama has taken the needed and required leadership role on Immigration Reform to fix a problem system. 

By taking the just, the democratic and the humanitarian action to pave a path for millions of undocumented immigrants in the US to emerge from the shadows of hiding and despair -  to enter into the beacon of hope, along a desired journey to realization of the American Dream, President Obama has answered the call by millions in America seeking a fair opportunity to thrive in the land settled by persecuted Christian immigrants centuries ago. 

President Obama's Executive action announced last night would allow some 3.8 to 5 million undocumented immigrants in America who are parents of US citizens or permanent residents to come forward, register, pass a criminal background check, pay due taxes and be issued temporary 3-year work permits that would allow them to begin a path to citizenship while according freedom of travel and protection from deportation.

Though the President's action is not comprehensive, as some naysayers will quickly point out, it represents an action on an issue that has cried out for solutions from President to President. While the US Senate passed an Immigration reform Bill last year, the US House of Representatives has failed to follow through to ameliorate the condition. Given the stalled resolution to the deepening problem, President Obama followed through upon his promise to attempt to fix the Immigration situation in the US. President Obama on a number of occasions deferred action on the Immigration issue to the Congress, and after session after session in the House of Representatives without a vote even being called on the matter, the President acted in the just democratic and humanitarian necessity to uphold the US tenets of freedom, opportunity and equality to all. 

As expected, and ironically, some boisterous immigrant Republican opposition to the President's Immigration action will emerge. Even though all Republicans are immigrants; or the sons, the daughters, the grandsons or the granddaughters of immigrants, some will oppose President Obama's action using a cloak of lame Constitutional questions. 

Yet the President's action must stand as a testament to democracy and humanity, and as the beacon of hope it offers and realizes to those who support the tenets of freedom, equality and justice for all without regard to race, religion or national origin. Godspeed to the American Dream!