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In the Matter of Bashar al Assad: a Big Source of Conflict

With regards to the human depleting war in Syria and the broader instability engulfing the Levant, the matter of Bashar al Assad's retention at the helm in Damascus, has and will continue to be a major recruitment component for terrorist groups. Also, as the International Coalition battles the ISIL, that terror band has in some way been able to link and to liken Western action as corroborative of the acid Assad regime.

Henceforth, as the International Coalition continues upon the mandate to rid the Levant of the mass killing ISIL, serious consideration should be marked to Assad's removal from power. As long as Bashar al Assad sits in Damascus, there will be Arab and Western recruits eager to join the ISIL. If for no other reasons, that Assad's forces have gassed hundreds and have killed thousands of children and women, serves as more than sufficient reason to support a resolution for Assad's removal. 

Those living in the Levant who are privy to the crimes against humanity committed by Assad's forces understand the reason why thousands have fallibly flocked to the ranks of the ISIL. Failure of Western nations to directly intervene in the Levant, has made the propaganda of the ISIL appear attractive to Western and Arab youths. The ISIL has skillfully referenced Assad's feats as its recruiting tool and the youth have shown up at the gates in the sands.

So as part of any final solution to the madness in the Levant, the source of most discontent, the entity of crimes against humanity, the gasser of children - Bashar al Assad,  cannot be allowed to stand.