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Increasing Russian Military Actions: a Prelude to a Dangerous Event

Confirmation that Russian troops and artillery have passed back into Ukraine, complaints by Scandinavian countries that Russian air and sea assets have pierced their lands, seas and air spaces,  including a dangerous close encounter between a Scandinavian passenger plane and a Russian air force jet earlier this year, and Sweden's hunt for a prowler off its coast, are all compelling evidence of increasing Russian military actions. And adding to concerns, four Russian navy ships lurking off Australia.

Now, Russia has admitted a plan to extend such actions to the Western Hemisphere including the Gulf of Mexico, and although such actions might be legal in international waters and over international air spaces, they could be construed as provocative given the mental state of Vladimir Putin and his restless intent to recapture a sense of Russian grandeur in an attempt to cement himself as a modern Czar, who restored a lost empire.

But Russia must be dissuaded from such actions because of the high possibility that a similar encounter that involved a Scandinavian passenger airliner could spell peril to Western civilian passenger traffic. Whereas a Scandinavian passenger airliner was forced to maneuver to avert an accident with a Russian air force plane; any number of Russian planes in the skies over the West could cause a dangerous event involving civilian passenger flights.

"...we need to secure our military presence in the western part of the Atlantic, eastern part of the Pacific oceans and the waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico," Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, has said, but NATO has insightfully determined that such plans amount to mere "provocative" routes. Last February, as Russia prepared to prey on Ukraine, its Defense Minister made similar statements as to Russian plans for expansion and to hold talks with Algeria, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore, with a view to land Russian planes and to berth Russian ships at these countries.

While Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signaled that economic sanctions on Russia should be lifted for better relations with the West, Russian plans westward amount to coercion to sway the West. Russian has essentially determined to pester the West, thus all mechanisms and systems need be set in place to deter Russian provocations.