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My Blog

The Events of our Times...A Search for a Fitting Tomorrow

When social scientists come to document our times of these present days; of significant note should be the wide, the varied  and the similarity of events shaping the Globe as men and women struggle to forge a plausible tomorrow -  a tomorrow,  unlike their yesterdays of seeming insignificance,  but a tomorrow when the existence of the non famous and the non wealthy,  would matter and be respected as any other.

This is my take on the many events playing out on the World scene today;  and it is this inference of such events that  provide some comfort of sanity as to why things are the way they are.

From the hope of Syrian children to find peace and justice from a life-consuming war waged by Bashar al Assad, to the aspirations of the youth of Hong Kong for democratic reforms from communist China. I reckon our times as of an age of aspirations and of a time of freedoms. Yet, as the death toll mount to over 200,000 in the Syrian war, and as China denies fundamental rights to the people of Hong Kong, we are sadly and forcefully reminded that freedom is never free. Ukraine's aspirations are still evolving as military build ups continue in its east. 

In Great Britain and Ireland, people continue to take to the streets in protest of austerity changes that will inevitable effect their quality of life. In Mexico, mothers and fathers continue their queries and vigils into 43 missing students as a mayor and his wife,  are investigated into their disappearance.

Tensions are rising again in the Palestinian-Israeli relationship with Jordan being added as Palestinians and Jordanians seek United Nations(UN) Security Council input,  to demand Israel stop provocations and incitements against Muslim Holy sites in Jerusalem. Radical, extremist and military actions are coming to the fore in Libya, Yemen and Egypt. In Nigeria, Boko Haram continues to nuisance the government by adding jail breaks and theft of dynamite to murder and kidnapping, as crimes committed trying to form a quasi government within the oil rich nation. The ISIL continues its terror to established a Caliphate in the Levant.

There are many more events unfolding today as many people seek change from yesterday while others seek to dominate for tomorrow. Our times are filled with the struggles of men and women desiring a fitting tomorrow. 

There will be more struggles -  there will be more fights, and they will continue until aspirations of freedom have been won,  and the terror of obstructionists has been defeated. These are our times!