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Ukraine's Impending Inevitable Divorce

The demonstrated aspirations of Ukrainians have highlighted two stark different destinies - a divergence of the people in respect to charting their destinies.  In the west, enthusiastic demonstrations and protests by the youth of Kiev and of many other forward thinking cities like Lviv, have handed the Kiev government a clear resolve to Westernization - alignment with the European Union(EU). In eastern Ukraine, where an older population still harbors an allegiance to the former USSR, pro-Russian sentiment and influence remain high amid months of fighting and death. Pro-Russians have chosen Moscow.  Crimea has already been annexed by Russia.

To reintegrate these Ukraines would be a daunting task. Kiev's failure to put down the rebel insurgency in the east and to regain control of Donetsk and of Luhansk prior to yesterday's election in the region,  and following parliamentary elections in the rest of Ukraine a week ago, infers that Kiev's denial of the divorce of its sovereign territory should be re-examined.

As a split between two once happy mates, Kiev must consider the (Russian) "other-guy" factor and influence upon the relationship it once shared with its mate in the east. Kiev has to determined whether or not the failed relationship is worth further fighting and further economic woes. The mate has defected and elected to bed another, thus Kiev, to save time, money and further instability, could seek to put the final touches upon the divorce decree in respect of just compensation for western owned properties and capital in the east. Moreover, Kiev should seek agreement on the passage of western supporters in the east to the west. 

A bold determination by the Kiev government to allow agreed upon terms to the divorce from the east would not be a surrender or defeat of Kiev. It would exemplify Kiev's resolve to solidify its development agenda minus any dissent waste baggage from those of a divergent ideology.

But Kiev's acceptance of the divorce of the east will not be an easy one given consideration of the natural resources and in particular, the coal deposits, under the ground in the east. So, a careful and explicit divorce decree would be required so that all the terms to present and future explorations of natural resources could be justly compensated.

A breakup is never easy, but at times, it becomes inevitable. Long term health and prosperity should always be key determining factors in finalizing a split and so should be the welfare of the children - Ukraine's children, the youth who amassed at the Maidan for dreams of westernization and not to be oxidized into a system in the east that clings to a bygone era with little thoughts of tomorrow.