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November 2014

The Rights of the People Should Never be Abridged

In the course of human governance across the Globe, it is a fundamental tenet of stability that the rights of the people not be abridged nor denied. Each and every event of conflict, or war, or protest or demonstration, is rooted in the abridgment of rights and freedoms. 

As some World actors seek to extent and to strengthen their grips on power, their actions conflict and run a-foul of the rights and the freedoms of the people, thus leading to conflict. From Ukraine to Burkina Faso, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Moldova, Hungary, Romania,Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt and beyond,  many of the sources of demonstrations and conflicts,  are rooted in attempts to abridge the rights of the people.

Taiwan Re-Charts a Course to Independence

Preliminary results of municipal elections in Taiwan show that the ruling Nationalist Party or the Kuomintang(KMT), which has been forging closer ties with China, has suffered major losses in Municipal Elections across the island, thus setting up the question as to Taiwan's Constitutional independence as a major factor in the 2016 presidential race.

Taiwan's Prime Minister Jiang Yi-huah has resigned in light of the stunning defeat of his party the KMT in the elections that came after Taiwanese students stormed and occupied Parliament in March to protest a service and trade agreement with China, which students and activists feared would allow too much Chinese influence over Taiwan.

In Search of Closure to Conflicts, Epidemics and Wars

From Syria, Iraq and Libya to Egypt, Sudan, Central Africa Republic, Yemen and Burkina Faso, to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, from Venezuela, Mexico, Guyana to Hong Kong, Ukraine, Georgia to Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Kosovo and Serbia; some conflict or emerging conflict, war or an epidemic is evident.

The growing number of nations involved in conflict or nearing a conflict of some kind or another, appears limitless. And while some conflicts might appear to end, that particular event re-emerges or some other conflict breaks out.

A Pray for All to Have the Reasons and the Means to Say Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all those without the reasons and the means for which to give thanks, I pray that your owed time, your life, your event and your moment come to reality soon.

To the children of Syria, my thoughts are especially with you on this day. I will not rest well nor can I fully enjoy the activities at hand until you win your peace - until you have re-won your childhoods, your lands and your homes.

To Hong Kong and Ukraine; freedom never comes easy, but with perseverance and strong determination, the way to achieve a will soon becomes reality.

No, Russia, Democracy is not Forgotten in the US... it is at Work with Regards to Ferguson

Russia and other established human rights abusers have had a fodder-of-a time over the events in Ferguson, Missouri, since August 9. The failure of the grand jury to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the 6-shot death of Black teenager Michael Brown, and the subsequent emotional and passionate response to the jury's verdict, along with the deployment of additional national guard troops and the use of tear gas and arrest of protesters; have all added fodder to Russia's scrutiny of racial and civil rights issues in America.

The Ferguson Blemish and its Implications

The failure of a Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, United States(US), to indict white police officer, Darren Wilson for the 6-shot death of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown, is a blemish upon the US in the International arena of human rights. It is embarrassing and it is a shame since this democracy has championed human rights and equality on the World stage.

Yet, the failure of the grand jury to indict the policeman in the racially charged shooting could serve as that final event that sets into motion full resources, attention and resolution to righting the racial frontier that still plagues too large a swath of America.

The Memory I will Carry of Mayor Marion Barry, 1936-2014

I offer my sincere condolences to the loved ones of Mayor Marion Barry, who died over the weekend, here in Washington, DC.

The memories I will carry of Marion Barry are those that led me to work on his 1994 Mayoral Campaign in Washington, DC  - memories of a civil rights leader, a rights activist and a living example to youth that although one might falter along the road, it is possible to get back up, to atone and to resume service of the people for the people. Despite grumblings from some detractors of Mayor Barry, I will continue to carry these positive things of his accomplishments.

A Firm Response is Merited to China's Disregard to International Law on the Seas of Asia

A firm response, not rhetoric nor old pleas, is merited to China's blatant disregard to International Law on the Seas of Asia. The Philippines sounded the alarm last year over China's actions on the South China Sea in respect to surveying, fishing, drilling and land reclamation on disputed reefs and islands. Yet, as the United States(US) and China's neighbors on the disputed waters plea for a diplomatic initiative to China's assertions, China has continued and has multiplied its actions on the South China Sea.

The Social and the Natural Environment de le Fils et les Filles de Toulouse et Nantes

Last Month  21-year-old Remi Fraisse died in France during an environmental protest over plans to construct a dam over the wetlands of beautiful Toulouse. His death over an environmental issue exposed yet another environmental issue in need of repair - that of the social environment, since Fraisse died from a police ignited "offensive grenade" used against protesters. 

The ironic collision of both environmental components of the natural and of the social realms,  serves as a reminder that both are connected;  and as humankind continues to progress,  and as greater attention and care are paid to protecting the natural environment, the social environment must also be protected and ameliorated from impacts that are contrary to modern civility.

Ukraine - a Year Later, Still Awaiting Realization of a Transformation

It was about a year ago that tens of thousands of Ukrainians caught the attention of the World as they amassed at the Maidan to demonstrate for a Western-style future and not to be cast back into a soviet-era style bloc of bread lines and authoritarian domination. 

Invigorated by the propensity of its youths' will for prosperity, freedom, the rule of law and opportunities like that of other Western democracies, Ukraine became a symbol of an evolving model of the modernization and liberation of a former soviet-state from the rustic hold of Vladimir Putin and his flawed attempt to recapture a dead era.