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The Radicalizing Acidic Assad Volatile Variable in the Levant

That the leader of the Syrian regime, Bashar al Assad, stands as an element to the inflammation of radicalization and the birth of extremism in the Levant and beyond, is an understatement. Assad's crimes against the children of Syria is perhaps the biggest draw by Arab and Western youths to the ISIL. That any leader of a country could remain seated today after gassing to death hundreds of children is preposterous and a sad testament as to the ineffectiveness of International organizations to speedily administer justice to those guilty of crimes against humanity.

Not only has the Syrian regime used toxic gas as a means to destroy dissenters, but it has also contrary to United Nations Resolution, used crude barrel bombs - indiscriminate explosives, packed with nails and volatile accelerants against the Syrian people. And if yesterday's Reuters report of yet another barrel bomb attack by Assad's helicopters upon women and children in a refugee camp within Syria is confirmed, then the time for Bashar al Assad's exit from Syria, has long past. 

Reports from the northern Syrian refugee camp Abedin have identified Assad's helicopters as the culprits that dropped barrel bombs on a camp of displaced Syrians seeking shelter from bombarded regions. Reports of charred bodies of children and women are heart breaking and stomach churning. And sadly, Assad's actions, have once again radicalize another wave of individuals to extremism and into the ranks of the ISIL. 

In condemnation of prior Assad's actions, thousands of Arab and Western youths have joined the ranks of the ISIL in lieu of any direct International action to hold Assad accountable for his crimes against humanity. While many of these new recruits to the ISIL have fallen for the fallible propaganda of the terrorist group, Bashar al Assad's reign in Syria, remains the major drive to radicalization and extremism in the Levant.