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The History of our Future - How did we Really get to Now?

The natural scientists and their peers in the other branches of testing, practicing, experimenting and discovery, could tender various offerings as to the history of our future - how did we really get to now? In their forums as governments, organizations and other pacts, they have set the tone, pace and priorities as to how we have arrived at our now. Yes, we have been living the discovered findings of our times. 

And in these most recent times we have witnessed Russian interference to the aspirations to westernization by Ukraine. We have borne witness to the human rights abuses of China as activists, lawyers and scholars are imprisoned because of dialogue of freedom. We continue to witness hopeless ideals to greater democracy squashed by the system of things in Hong Kong. We have seen a disunion government in Baghdad give credence to the ISIL as an alternative to those disenfranchised. We have evidence of Bashar al Assad's regime gassing hundreds of Syria's children to death, conducting a war that has killed in excess of 200,000 and sending over three million Syrians across borders as refugees. Adding to this, we are perplexed by the numbers of Syrian, Arab and Western youth becoming radicalized and making cross-globe treks to join the terror group ISIL. 

Before we move blindly forward into the history of our future, a realistic look back is warranted so that we could avoid impeding footfalls along the paths we walk today. First, recognition and acceptance that we've gotten to now through inquiry, exploration, discovery, greed, arrogance, inequality, colonialism, war, independence, expansion, human rights violations, defense of freedoms, faiths of religions and alliances of shared doctrines, must be taken at face value. With this done, now we could tackle the sources of instabilities. 

If former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is right in his April this year assessment that tackling a "radicalized and politicized view of Islam" should be atop the global agenda and that the West should put aside its differences with Russia and China to focus on the growing threat from radical Islam; then, I'm afraid that our future appear headed to greater radicalization. 

Blair, who holds the interesting role as Middle East envoy for the United Nations(UN), European Union(EU), the United States(US) and Russia, made his comments during a speech in London in which he called for support to the military government in Egypt over the deposed Morsi, whose ouster Blair believed, was absolutely necessary to save Egypt because the Muslim Brotherhood was destroying the traditions of the land of the Pharaohs. 

So if Blair's call is heeded and the rights abusers of China and Russia are overlooked in deference to a concerted effort against radical Islam, then Blair needs to answer the question: what radicalizes Islam? Is it not the known abuses of human rights violators? Is it not the presumed hippocratic ideals of the stalwarts of freedom, democracy and equality  as they appear to become bedfellows with the abusers?

If so, then according to Blair's theorem, the history our future would become a battle to solve an effect caused  by a source with the source joining an alliance to battle a condition it has deliberately created.

While any forms of radicalization and extremism remain graved areas of concern, the history of our future cannot be secure until the sources - the reasons of many youths resorting to join radical groups, are rectified. I opine that the human rights abusers  Bashar al Assad, China and Russia, are the driving forces of instability. And until the West finds that balance in treating each abuser in kind, actions against the effects independent of tackling the source of radicalization and extremism, could remain muted and subjected to mutating forms of radicalization and extremism as accused groups regroup or disperse to reform to satisfy dissent from abuse.