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A Sad Irony of War: How its Conduction at Times Favor an Enemy of Humanity

As Air Forces of the International Coalition against the ISIL lay waste to strategic targets within Iraq and within Syria, ground forces comprising mainly of Kurdish fighters are making the best of the air strikes to launch attacks against the enemy ISIL. In defense of towns in Iraq and the now well known town of Kobani, Syria, on the Turkish border, the action of Kurds epitomizes how the war against the ISIL could be won with a mixture of local ground troops supported by air power. Good, right? Awesome!

But deeper into Syria behind palaces of safety, immunity and refuge, Bashar al Assad is enjoying a revival - he is not the concentration of this particular war in the Levant even though he is the main cause.

Having gassed hundreds of Syrian children to death; having orchestrated a multi-year civil war that has killed in excess of 200,000; having displaced millions of Syrians from their homes; and having used barrel-bombs on civilians, Assad and his Syrian forces have directly contributed to the swollen ranks of the ISIL.

Humanity-minded Syrians -  fed up, frustrated and infuriated by Assad's actions during the course of the civil war, have sought ill-advised solace in the ranks of the ISIL. Angered that international military action was never directed at Assad for his crimes against humanity, Syrian, Arab and western youth have been fallibly lured by ISIL propaganda. Thus, they now bear the brunt of their erred decisions. Yet, Assad, the origin of instability, still sits in Damascus.

As Coalition forces continue to confront the ISIL in Syria, Assad -  freed of one enemy front, continues to barrel bomb civilians and Syrian opposition positions within the Levant. Freed of one opposition group, Assad is attempting to annihilate his opposition forces - the result of an irony of war, a foe of humanity benefiting from war, at least in the short run.