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Born Free - to be Free, or to Die to be Free: a Saturday's Lament

Freedom is one of the inalienable inherited rights that should never be abridged. But time and time again it is threaten, denied and abridged by those driven by greed and fallible philosophies bent on sustaining and exercising control over the meek. Then the meek and the weak are forced to acquire and to maintain their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This struggle is never an easy one for oppressors never willingly relinquish any freedoms they fear would reduce their authoritarian dominance. Freedom has to be taken and seized by the meek and weak. And in the absence of democratic systems within these societies,  avenues to redress are non-existent, thus the cult of violence is employed as a resort to the means to attain freedom. Herein lies the cause of much strife and violence - in pursuit of liberty or in defense of liberty.

But sometimes the employment of violence by a people to attain their freedom is not looked upon favorable by observers because some observers lack apathy to the cause. So some struggles remain unnoticed.

Ukraine's struggle to be free of Russia is well known. Scots democratically elected a unified freedom under the security and strength of the United Kingdom(UK). Catalonia's choice is yet to be vested to its people. Taiwan will decide some day. Kurds and displaced Syrians continue their struggles to be free of Bashar al Assad and the ISIL. And in Hong Kong, through peaceful protests - interrupted by police pepper spray and batons as well as by assaults by thugs, democracy advocates and students continue a resilient street vigil with a view to winning universal suffrage from behemoth China.

All people are born free and must be free. Systems and regimes that seek to abridge these freedoms are governments in need of change. We pray these changes be peaceful and yet we must accept the accompanying violence freedom fighters need employ to win freedom or die trying. So to all who are free - give thanks and praises; and to those who are fighting to be free today, Carpe Diem, Godspeed!

[In solidarity with all liberty seekers, this Blog has been republished on Asia Today]