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On Dying Systems, Cries of Discontent, Yearnings for Freedom and Change - the Struggle for Life

From Hong Kong to Ukraine, to Iraq, Syria and beyond, the exhibitions and the events playing out are part of the irritable human spirit -  fed-up with with dying systems and their exertions to cling to a fading past, in which they have limited and censured the participation of the productive and the young, thus giving rise to today's affairs and events.

And as if not to provide any solace, I opine that these events are only but a sign of things to come, for many men and women, from one pole to another, from hemisphere to hemisphere, are not pleased with the systems of yore that have curried favored for the few over the exploits of labor and of blood of most. This is an age of aspirations, a time of freedoms - a time, when those who have seen their mothers and their fathers live and die toiling for systems that rendered nothing back to the deceased, are pledging not to adopt the ways of their parents. Rather than to submit to the systems of governance they find flawed, this era is witnessing the sons and daughters of the past demanding to be a part of governance, to be have a say, to be counted, to be accepted and to be recognized.

In Hong Kong, students and pro-democracy activists understand the implications of increased influence from the Beijing communists upon their beloved city island. They fully understand that "two systems" cannot flourish within competing ideologies; and inevitable, they suffice that the richer and the better armed side will devour the other unless a hedge is put in place. This hedge is the present struggle by Hong Kongers to gain universal suffrage. Their cries of discontent have been recorded and their yearnings for greater democracy have been recognized by the entire world. The old system that has kept the communists in power in Beijing will not yield to Hong Kongers, so those in need of change must now struggle to attain the life they desire.

In Ukraine, the tens of thousands of young Ukrainians who stood at the Maidan to express their western aspirations over the dying system that had mastered their mothers and their fathers, are still seeking a final definition as to their sovereign territorial identity. Meddling and influence by those oppose to the western aspirations of Ukrainians have brought much death and suffering. Yet, in total resolve not to succumb to the system of yore, Ukraine fights on to find its identity even amid a tattered ceasefire that witnesses increase violations and deaths daily.

The dying systems of sectarian politics and violence have engulfed Iraq and Syria. Discontent in both countries has given rise to the ISIL as many youth join the extremist terror group in deference to living under Bashar al Assad's rule in Syria. Assad's reign in Syria that has seen more 200,000 die in war and the human tragedy of hundreds of Syrian children gassed to death by his forces, remains the biggest obstacle to stability in the Levant. The brutal ISIL has been able to stuff its ranks simply because of the existence of Bashar al Assad. 

The atrocities of the Syrian war has enabled the ISIL's propaganda machine to lure not just Arab youth, but also western youth to fight Jihad in the Levant. The story of Toulouse, France,  mother Dominique Bons, who lost her son and his half brother to Jihad,  exemplifies the lure to the desert to fight for a flawed cause. And this is why western ideals of equality, human rights and democracy should never waver or appear to deviate from that for which so many stand - the tenets of democracy. From home to school, to work to village to town to city to country, the ideals of freedom must never be abridged, but be strengthened to include new immigrants and first generation members whose facial differences and religious choices may deviate from what known homogeneous communities looked like of yore.