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Our World as the Frost Dawns

October will bring the first frost to many temperate lands. In some places, this gradual descent into the muffled snow packs of winter snows and coldness, could usher in a renewed struggle of sovereignty protection and energy supply disruptions. In other places, the desert's drastic changes from heat by day to cold at night, will see the continuation of the fight against ethnic and religious persecution and extremism. Aspirations for democratic freedoms will continue in some semi and tropical localities and a frightful disease will continue to scare in the heat of Africa.

Hong Kong: Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers who endorsed an unofficial referendum for greater democracy from China have seen their hopes killed by China's rejection of universal suffrage for the island. Yet, tens of thousands of students and pro-democracy activists continue to amass in the streets of Hong Kong in demonstration of their desires for freedom. But the city's chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, has affirmed that China will not change its mind on democratic reforms, and he has suggested protesters go home. Local authorities are hoping protesters tire by weekend. But, many students and activists are storing supplies indicating a lengthy stay. Should security forces not act against the protesters by Sunday evening, expect a prolonged protest that barring no violent confrontations from police and the Chinese army, could evolve into a park-crowd-size "occupy Wall Street" type civil disobedience that could last into 2017. But China's hold on Hong Kong and by not granting universal suffrage,  is a gamble that inevitable will lead to Hong Kong calling for  greater autonomy in the long run. A clarified statement from Great Britain defining the terms of the agreement that gave Hong Kong to China should also be forthcoming.

Ukraine: On the eve of the recently concluded NATO Summit in Wales, United Kingdom(UK), Ukraine hastily signed a Kremlin dictated cease fire agreement with pro-Russian rebels in the east. To cast the full attention of the NATO summit away from Russian aggression, Putin inspired the cease fire which, according to his standards, is still holding amid shelling and fighting in and around Donetsk and other enclaves in eastern Ukraine. But winter is coming, and Putin is hoping for a bitterly cold winter -  which it appears Europe will have, so that he may resume his meddling into Ukraine to reverse the western aspirations of the Ukrainian people. If the winter is unusually cold, Russian gas - Putin's carrot, will be used as a commodity weapon to achieve Putin's political and economic manipulations of much of Europe.

Iraq and Syria: Bashar al Assad still sits in Damascus and with each day he rules, the ISIL's reign of terror remains alive despite air strikes from the international coalition led by the United States(US). While unity and inclusiveness attempts to adapt to promote stability in the region are forged in Baghdad, more enthusiastic efforts to unity should be coming from the Iraqi government. As the Kurds maintain perhaps the biggest and most efficient ground campaign against the ISIL, their fights could be negated as the ISIL capitalizes on the remnant of Assad, to add recruits to its ranks. Though the fight against the ISL is just and noble, coalition efforts could amount to air strikes becoming just circular events unless the main source of dissent and instability in the Levant -  Bashar al Assad, falls from the throne of Syria. Moreover, Syrian opposition forces need a morale boost. It appears as if they have given up fighting Assad's army and that they have limited themselves to gripping about whether or not coalition air strikes could help them. The common sense thing to expect from the Syrian opposition forces would be to take the fighting directly to Assad's palace amid coalition attacks upon the ISIL in Syria. 

Catalonia, Spain: Independence referendum advocates in Catalonia have withdrawn their threatened November 9, referendum on independence following a ruling by the Spanish Constitutional Court to allow further inquiry into the legality and objections of such a vote. Scotland recently voted to remain in the UK.

Indonesia: Democratic reformer Jako Widodo's election as President of this World's third largest democracy,  will face early hurdles to carry out the business of the Indonesian people. The opposition controlled parliament could stand in the way of his efforts to re-spur the Indonesian economy.

East and South China Seas: Behemoth China will be less active than normal on these seas until the question of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is satisfied.

Thailand: A dictatorship looms in Thailand and with it comes all the destabilizing factors associated with removing people from the equation or ruling themselves.

West Africa: Time is of the essence in West Africa to put in place the emergency health systems and facilities needed to diffuse the deadly Ebola Virus epidemic. That some 1.4 million people could become infected with this disease is more than enough fear to spur greater and more concerted efforts to help Africa defeat the virus.

So these are but a few of the issues facing our World on this the first day of October. And as coalition and cooperative efforts are employed to mitigate the most severe of these matters, lets all hope for a better November.