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October 2014

Note to Syria's Children IX

Children, in my last note to you, September 10, 2014, I had hoped that the then unveiling strategy against the ISIL would involve your liberation from the clasps of death, starvation and exile of Bashar al Assad. That strategy and its existing International Coalition has thus far failed to address your plight. For this, I apologize. 

I am sorry that the International Community has failed to free you from the inhumane conditions brought to wrought by Bashar al Assad. I am sorry that your gassed mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors have not received their justice.

The Radicalizing Acidic Assad Volatile Variable in the Levant

That the leader of the Syrian regime, Bashar al Assad, stands as an element to the inflammation of radicalization and the birth of extremism in the Levant and beyond, is an understatement. Assad's crimes against the children of Syria is perhaps the biggest draw by Arab and Western youths to the ISIL. That any leader of a country could remain seated today after gassing to death hundreds of children is preposterous and a sad testament as to the ineffectiveness of International organizations to speedily administer justice to those guilty of crimes against humanity.

The Strategic and Psychological Significance of Kobani in the Fight Against the ISIL

Later today, a contingent of Iraqi Peshmerga fighters will enter Syria from Turkey in support of Syrian Kurds battling to save Kobani from falling to the ISIL. Kobani - a once unknown town, has emerged as a strategic and significant site that will ultimately provide a wider window into how the International Coalition will work with local ground forces to defeat the ISIL.

Questions raised last week by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan as to whether or not Kobani was important must be rejected for Erdogan has thus far demonstrated a hesitant weak desire to battle the ISIL.

On the Alleviation of Social Hardships and Injustices to Combat Radicalization and Extremeism

The United States(US) and its Coalition partners took a sincere and important step in the fight against the ISIL yesterday when they added an Information Coalition to complement the military and financial components of the war on the terrorist group. Meeting in Kuwait, as reported by Reuters, Western and Arab countries unveiled the information  initiative as a means to combat efforts by the ISIL to recruit online through its propaganda messages meant to lure young disgruntled youth to take up arms for a fallible cause disguised as a Jihad.

Ukraine's Western Reaffirmation, Brazil's Reconciliation Necessity and Tunisia's Assertions of Hope

Parliamentary election results in Ukraine on Sunday have reaffirmed Ukraine's aspirations to be Russia-free. Preliminary results have given the soon to be formed government coalition a mandate toward westernization - a platform of President Petro Poroshenko and his pro-European allied parties that have captured a clear majority in the Ukraine Parliament. 

Yet, Ukraine's troubles are far from being over. Questions as to the future of eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels, Russian interference, contracting economic activity and energy supplies are to be answered and addressed.

In Affirmation of Western Ideals - Ukraine Votes Today

"The principle of political life lies in the sovereign authority. The legislative power is the heart of the State; the executive power is its brain, giving movement to all its parts. The brain can become paralyzed yet the individual is still alive. A man can remain an imbecile and live. But as soon as the heart has ceased to function, the animal is dead." Jean-Jacques Rousseau -  On The Social Contract.

After a year of crisis during which time an imbecile was ousted and during which time Russia has repeatedly meddled into the affairs of Ukraine; Ukrainians are voting today for a new heart of the country.

Of Instability Actors - the ISIL, China, Putin, Assad, etal, as Retardants to Global Humanity

The meddling into Ukrainian aspirations, sneaking under the waters of peaceful nations, hindering the democratic resolutions of millions, attempting to create a mono-religious culture, persecuting believers and minorities and gassing hundreds of innocent children to death - are all events perpetrated by obstructionists that hinder the development of civil humanity.

Hence, these retardants must be countered to ensure the continued development of the human spirit, science and discover with a view to achieving maximum expansion of the human utility.

Another Adverse Effect of Terrorism - Canada's Inevitable Armed Change

Canada has for many years enjoyed a tranquil northern solace set within the pristine beauty of mountains, plains and the rugged tundra of the Yukon. Regarded as a place of ease, and a safe abode to millions of immigrants seeking family comfort in a place where they could raise families away from the dangers of their foreign shores. 

But the past week and its events of violence perpetrated by radicalized individuals upon targets to include the relaxed atmosphere of Parliament Hill in Ottawa - the seat of the Canadian legislature, have now forced Canada to rethink its national security and its unarmed sentries who stand guard over a normally peaceful nation.

The History of our Future - How did we Really get to Now?

The natural scientists and their peers in the other branches of testing, practicing, experimenting and discovery, could tender various offerings as to the history of our future - how did we really get to now? In their forums as governments, organizations and other pacts, they have set the tone, pace and priorities as to how we have arrived at our now. Yes, we have been living the discovered findings of our times. 

And in these most recent times we have witnessed Russian interference to the aspirations to westernization by Ukraine.

A Sad Irony of War: How its Conduction at Times Favor an Enemy of Humanity

As Air Forces of the International Coalition against the ISIL lay waste to strategic targets within Iraq and within Syria, ground forces comprising mainly of Kurdish fighters are making the best of the air strikes to launch attacks against the enemy ISIL. In defense of towns in Iraq and the now well known town of Kobani, Syria, on the Turkish border, the action of Kurds epitomizes how the war against the ISIL could be won with a mixture of local ground troops supported by air power. Good, right? Awesome!