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Regarding Hong Kong: Ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights Outweigh Protection of Trade

Hong Kong provides a unique modern day opportunity for the West to demonstrate to any doubters that the safeguard of human life, the advancement of democracy, freedom, equality and human rights, weigh heavier in the scheme of things than the risk of ruffling trade. The affairs of the people of Hong Kong undoubtedly pose the ripe moment for the West to signal to the dismaying youth of the world who have been lured and tempted to Jihad, that here look, contrary to the propaganda extremists have fed  you; see here now, the West stands in resolve of the tenets of democracy and unabridged human aspirations to freedom.

Anything short of a concrete and an explicit expression of support to the freedom demanding youth and activists in Hong Kong would open the door to future rejections of the genuineness of the West in respect to global affairs outside of trade. 

As tens of thousands of Hong Kongers continue to defy the directive by the Beijing communists not to allow universal suffrage on the city island in 2017, Beijing and its remaining loyalists will try to isolate and to diffuse the aspirations of the people. While China has already censored the developing events on the mainland for fear that the average Chinese could sympathize with the youth to the south, security forces within Hong Kong will attempt the same in the former British colony. But the tech and social media savvy youth of Hong Kong will continue to by-pass the obstructionist firewalls to communicate with each other and to get their word out that they reject Beijing's influence and restriction.

Hong Kong's call to freedom is an international one. That China will begin to blame outsiders for the determination of Hong Kongers, is forthcoming. China will speak of trade with nations to dissuade due support to the youth of Hong Kong. But, the aspirations and determination of the Hong Kong youth are real, clear and exhibited, and beg for international recognition that a closer eye be paid than at that time in 1989.

So while ambassadorial hesitant restrained decorum regarding Hong Kong's cry is accepted by diplomats out of fear of upsetting the thin-skinned communists, others outside the diplomatic corp must loudly and profoundly voice support to the aspirations of the future of Hong Kong, and to listen to the cries of its youth who will inherit the descending clouds of pollution and the restrictive political atmosphere approaching from the north.