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On the Alternate Engagement of Youth in Governance to Counter Radicalization

The experts, who have weighed in on the battle against the ISIL in respect of the time line to defeat the group, are counting years to the completion of the mission. Why? World War I was conducted over five years. World War II, six years. Years for the completion of this international effort to defeat the ISIL is not acceptable, especially since the group is not even a nation state. 

Perhaps, the experts who have opined the open-ended time line for the completion of the stability efforts, have factored into their calculations a constant of regimes, rulers and conditions that have given rise to the ISIL. This method of calculation cannot be sufficient. This Ceteris Paribus(all other things being equal) approach to the fight against the ISIL is a recipe for failure. 

Thus, as stability and security efforts to defeat the ISIL are waged, direct attention should be paid to changing the systems that have given rise to the ISIL and other extremist groups. Simply put: Bashar al-Assad cannot remain constant; disunion in the Iraqi government must not remain constant; the denial of youths into the governance of their societies cannot remain constant and the culture of sectarianism cannot stand.

The biggest factor giving rise to the ISIL, I submit, has been the obstruction of youth into the governance of their individual societies. Sectarianism has blocked them in Iraq. Assad has killed them In Syria. With these obstacles removed, defeat of the ISIL would not be measured in years. Rather, years could be added to the processes of nation building and youth engagement and participation into the security and stability of a starved region. Moreover, with regards to the foreign recruits within the ISIL, their home nations should continue to strengthen and to promote fairness and inclusiveness of the youth of Birmingham, Paris, Detroit, Berlin and elsewhere.