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The Acidic Assad Factor - A Remaining Source of Instability and Extremism

That Bashar al-Assad - having gassed hundreds of Syria's children to death, and still sits in Damascus, is truly representative of the rise, of the surge and of the sheer brutality of extremism spreading instability. And despite the formidable coalition assembled, and executed to destroy the operations of the extremism Assad has fueled, any completed action against these effects of Assad's deeds, and their perpetrators, cannot be successful until the real source has been extinguished.

It is a fact that Assad's brutality to the Syrian people, which has killed more than 200,000 in less than four years of war, is a direct recruiting source for extremists in the Levant. It is a fact that Assad's gassing to death of hundreds of children and women has led to the swollen ranks of the ISIL. It is a fact that given all the United Nations(UN) collected evidence, Assad has committed crimes against humanity. It is a fact that as Assad sits upon his throne in Damascus, his presence clearly demonstrates the impotence of the stalwarts of human rights to remove a war criminal. Knowing these facts, the Syrian opposition and other groups - some moderate, and some extreme, have committed their efforts to rid Syria of Assad. 

With Assad's crimes and mere existence as a lucrative recruiting tool, the ISIL has been able to attract thousands of young fighters within Syria, to march into a dis-union Iraq to gain wealth, territory and new members. 

In Iraq, a fragile cohesive, but evolving new government, has been displaying greater unity, and coupled with the resolve of the Kurds to establish a permanent homeland, and with added United States(US), French and coalition airstrikes, the ISIL is in retreat to its sources in Syria. 

In Syria, daily Assad attacks upon the ISIL areas of Raqqa and Deir al-Zor have proved non-scathing. On the other hand, Assad's attacks upon Syrians have proved deadly. A Sarin gas attack on civilians in Ghouta killed hundreds of children, women and men. Chlorine barrel bomb attacks have continued to kill civilian Syrians subsequent to UN Security Council Resolution 2118, and as recent as August 28, a UN fact-finding report has concluded. Moreover, the recent discovery and revelation of another three undisclosed Assad facilities for the development of chemical weapons, resoundingly establishes that Assad has duped the international community in an attempt to resist intervention. I submit that at least, Bashar al-Assad is in violation of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention and in violation of SC resolution 2118.

So Bashar al-Assad cannot stand in Syria. Each day he sits, the ISIL or some other extremist group grows. If one group disappears and Assad still stands, more hardened groups will evolve. The gassing of children is non repentant. Justice has to be served. Instability will remain and fester until the source is rectified.