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The Scottish Decision And its Implications

In less than 24 hours, the people of Scotland will go to the polls to decide whether or not they should proceed as an independent sovereign nation or to retain their united 307-year tie within the United Kingdom. The decision will be made by the majority of Scots. And while media reports have fluctuated with speculative polls as to which side leads in the voting ahead of Thursday's ballot, the true significance of the Scottish decision has wider implications than just a mere vote for or against the United Kingdom.

The Scottish decision is not limited in scope to the chance further contraction of the once mighty and multi-landed British Empire which once bragged that upon its sphere "the sun never sets". But the Scottish decision also affirms a global trend by peoples of the world  in an age of aspirations, a time of freedoms with dreams of sovereignty - to be in control of their own affairs, with yearnings to direct their own care and authority toward their own national good. This trend will continue to manifest itself from Catalonia, Wallonia, Flanders, Venice, Sardinia and to elsewhere, as men and women decide between pacts of the past or the risks of narrowed nationhood futures.

The Scottish decision also underscores the freedoms of democracy in that the people of Scotland have been granted a decision process through which they could act as the Scottish majority will decide. Other peoples have been denied the mere process through which they could make a decision. So whatever the Scottish decision, there should be no bad blood between the highlands and London.

Moreover, the Scottish decision lays notice of other attempts at sovereignty to come. Thus, London should take whatever is the final Scottish decision as a wake up call to transfer some of London's stored wealth to Wales, Manchester, Yorkshire and Northern Ireland. Capital cities need not to out strip other national cities in great wealth, and under a reformed central system, a more evenly distribution of wealth among sister cities is encouraged. 

Here's to Scotland and democracy in action - the power of the people, and respect of all determinations.