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To Re-Win Youth from the ISIL Lure - A Social Media Showdown is Not Sufficient

In re-winning youths in the Middle East and in the west from the fallible lure of the ISIL, a social media showdown to counter the propaganda of the ISIL, cannot be sufficient enough to deter youths from joining the extremist movement. Given the fact that fractured and failed states of the Middle East are the main causes of the rise of ISIL, it would be erroneous to conclude that matching ISIL's propaganda with well scripted truth could ever be enough to keep western youths at home or to dissuade Arab youths from becoming radicalized. 

However, the battle for the youths must encompass the sources of their at-home discontents which are turning them away to the deserts in large numbers. I submit that along with the disunion and the failure of some states in the Middle East like Syria and Iraq and their inabilities and non-efforts to redress grievances of their people, another compelling lure to Jihad has been the misconception by youths that the stalwarts of human rights have abandoned their ideals to the commitment for just causes. In other words, some youths of Damascus, London, Baghdad, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere, have perceived presumed partnerships between western nations and major human rights abusers like China and Russia, as hypocritical to the ideals of religious freedoms and equal rights. To these youths, western nations have betrayed the tenet of human equality in deference to international trade and economic profit. 

Though many of these youths might suffice that international trade and cooperation are needed for the normal relations of nations, they scoff at the deepness of the relationships between human rights abusers and western nations to the extent that the west appears impotent to insist upon human rights changes from the abusers out of fear of a loss of trade that is often threatened by the abusers. In recent years, these youths have witnessed western nations accepting China's referencing to relations with the west as "partnerships". While in places like Xinjiang province in China, Muslims, among other things, are barred from wearing their full Islamic dress on public transportation.

And in light of these matters, western nations need to reaffirm their non-partnerships with major human rights abusers and to underscore to the world that any relationships with such abusers are cooperative and not partnered in nature. Such simple steps will reaffirm the west's commitment to human rights as well as to re-emphasize to at risk youths that never will the west trade its tenets of freedom and equality to any abusers for the sake of trade. Thus, the west must not allow countries like Russia and China to reference western nations as partners in anything, but as cooperating nations. Moreover, China's desire to be likened as a "shared power" must be refuted and not acknowledged. 

Subsequently, ISIL would have no attractiveness to youths and especially those in the west, who already,  enjoy the best religious freedoms in the world.