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NATO Holds Ukraine's Only Hope to Full Territorial Sovereignty

Only NATO can save Ukraine's sovereign territory from Putin's hunt. And if NATO members, meeting on September 4th and 5th in Wales, United Kingdom(UK), fail to ratchet up enough of a concrete declaration concerning the protection of Ukrainian security,  Putin could be in Kiev in two weeks, as he has boasted. 

Though the Kremlin has claimed the two-week time line boast by Putin was taken out of context as reported by Reuters earlier this morning, there's no denying that Kiev and all of Ukraine stand as secondary pawns to Putin in his game toward an illusion of an empire - an empire,  that once was, but has since decayed and strewn to the dust of times. 

La Repubblica, the Italian publication reported that Putin told European Commission President Jose Mauel Barroso in a telephone call that :"If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks." The comment was relayed to EU leaders meeting last weekend in Milan. And now that Putin's brag has left the bag, the Kremlin claims it was improper and undiplomatic to relay the disclosure. But the Kremlin lives in a place of secrets and censorship, so its reactions to the disclosure are understood. Yet, the boast serves as another confirmation of Putin's true intent toward Ukraine and all Ukraine could do, is to retreat from Russia's strength and pray for help from somebody, anybody.

NATO could help. The economic sanctions imposed by the free world upon Putin have not deterred his ill intent. While draconian sanctions could, to impose them would be difficult. Thus, NATO holds the final grounding to Putin's assault upon Ukraine. Putin fears NATO, and unless NATO offers some kind of security package to Ukraine later this week, Putin could be standing on the Maidan by mid-winter.