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September 2014

Regarding Hong Kong: Ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights Outweigh Protection of Trade

Hong Kong provides a unique modern day opportunity for the West to demonstrate to any doubters that the safeguard of human life, the advancement of democracy, freedom, equality and human rights, weigh heavier in the scheme of things than the risk of ruffling trade. The affairs of the people of Hong Kong undoubtedly pose the ripe moment for the West to signal to the dismaying youth of the world who have been lured and tempted to Jihad, that here look, contrary to the propaganda extremists have fed  you; see here now, the West stands in resolve of the tenets of democracy and unabridged human aspirations to freedom.

The Cry of Hong Kong - to be Counted, to Have a Voice, to be Free

The rallying of students and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong for reforms of their local legislature and for universal suffrage, is not an instability or security matter, but a mere manifestation by a people who have socially, economically and politically evolved from conditions and circumstances of a passing era. Yet, security and instability factors could emerge should their voices be silenced by force and violence as had been the case at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

The tens of thousands of Hong Kongers who continue to gather in the streets of the island city to demand that China grants universal suffrage,  have been mainly peaceful.

Hong Kong: the Diverging of Two Systems - the Start of a Freedom

Hong Kong is witnessing the expressed intent of its young people for greater freedoms. Since thousands of university and college students staged a week-long boycott of classes to demand more democracy from Beijing, the students and other pro-democracy groups, continue to demonstrate amid arrests, pepper spray and tear gas attacks from security forces. This past summer when hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers endorsed an unofficial referendum seeking greater democracy from Beijing, Hong Kong signaled it had reached a diverging point of the "one country, two systems" formula under which it has been ruled as a Special Administration Region(SAR) of the People's Republic of China.

On the Alternate Engagement of Youth in Governance to Counter Radicalization

The experts, who have weighed in on the battle against the ISIL in respect of the time line to defeat the group, are counting years to the completion of the mission. Why? World War I was conducted over five years. World War II, six years. Years for the completion of this international effort to defeat the ISIL is not acceptable, especially since the group is not even a nation state. 

Perhaps, the experts who have opined the open-ended time line for the completion of the stability efforts, have factored into their calculations a constant of regimes, rulers and conditions that have given rise to the ISIL.

The Curious Human Spirit and the Devisive Efforts to Curb Freedoms

Once humans stood erectly, curiosity - fueled by inquiries for knowledge and education, and expressions in celebration of freedoms; have propelled humankind to the Moon, to outer space, to health remedies, to great discoveries including the Internet, and to celebrations from Oktoberfest to Carnival. Today, following a year of events including attacks upon civilization by the ISIL and extremists, wars in Gaza and Ukraine, aggression on the seas of Asia and a dreadful Ebola Virus in West Africa; strong leadership has emerged with a coalition to safeguard the continuity of our world and to provide a measure of stability amid all the chaos.

Constructive Engagement in Governance as an Alternative to Jihad

Writing on this Blog -Note to Syria's Children VIII, September 10, I urged Western and Arab youths encamped with the ISIL to go home - to leave the ranks of the ISIL and to return to their communities for a chance at peace. I followed up that Blog with:On Consideration of the Naive Youths Duped Into the ISIL, September 15, in which I made a case for the naive youths among the ISIL be given notice before the final destruction of the group.

Yesterday, before the international stage at the United Nations(UN), United States(US) President Barack Obama, in reaffirming America's lead to achieve global stability and security and declaring war upon ISIL, also admonished you the youths to leave the battlefields of the the ISIL.

Tried and Tested - the Resilience of the Human Spirit

From conflicts in the Ukraine to Gaza, from definitive international security threats posed by the ISIL and others, to human rights abuses and territorial aggression in China, to an evolving Ebola Virus epidemic in West Africa and to the daunting effects of climate change, the human resolve to survive and to attain stability has been tried and tested. Yet, the human spirit has proved resilient.

Human resolve to confront and to remedy multiple conflicts and crises has been achieved by the will of nations - in coalition and in cooperation with each other, with a common goal to peace and stability and with clear leadership.

Finally, a Reckoning of the ISIL at its Source, Syria

The International Coalition united to defeat the ISIL has for the first time conducted military operations against the violent group at its source within Syria. With Tomahawk missile launches from the seas and bomber and fighter planes in the air, the International Coalition has finally taken the fight against the ISIL to its source within Syria. 

In Syria, the International Coalition attacked the ISIL stronghold of Raqqa, both the city and the province as well as the town of Tel Abyad close to the Turkish border.

The Scottish Decision and its Positive Message to Independence Seekers

The Scottish "No" to independence at this time should not cast any shadows upon the independence aspirations of any other people. And contrary to some pundits who believe Scotland's affirmation to the United Kingdom(UK) has dampened the will of other seekers, I beg to differ; and in place, I suggest that Scots have sent a positive civil message to all peoples seeking sovereignty that if enough people within an entity should aspire a different path, and are given the opportunity to decide, ultimately, it is the will of the majority that wins.

Turkey's Delicate Balance on the ISIL

Now that Turkey's 46 citizens held hostage by the ISIL have been returned home following a "detailed and secret operation", no publicly announced declarations in respect to Turkey's role in the fight against the ISL are expected. While Turkey, prior to gaining freedom of its diplomatic staff and children kidnapped by the ISIL from the Turkish Consulate in Mosul, Iraq in June, appeared skeptical and hesitant to jump head first into a concerted fight against the ISIL out of fear for the safety of its kidnapped people, is not expected to make any major declarations against the ISIL at this time.