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On Consideration of Strategy on ISIL - A Look at ISIL's Youth Lure is Warranted

Any strategy on the ISIL must include careful analyses of the true causes of the group's lure among the youth in the Middle East and in the Western world. That the ISIL is technologically and social-media savvy enough in its dissemination of propaganda to effectively lure recruits,  is not sufficient enough to satisfy the reason for the swelling ranks of youth leaving their homes to fight jihad. That the ISIL, according to Reuters reports, has been able to recruit 6,300 new fighters in the month of July alone, stands as testament to a larger and to a broader lure that is attracting  so many youths, among them as many as 2,000 westerners, to fight in the desert.

I opine that although each and every recruit has a different sum of experiences that has led him/her to jihad, there are a few identifiable events that have contributed to the push. Among these is a general feeling of of alienation at home where some second-generation foreign recruits have experienced some form of resentment and alienation in their new societies. Added to this is a deepening feeling of what some youth perceive as hippocratic policies by western nations, especially in the area of human rights. After sipping the kool-aid of freedom and of equality, they have regurgitated these tenets after some bad experience or the realization of strong cooperation between western nations and behemoth human rights abusers. But the most common denominator among the recruits has to be continuation of the polarizing and violent Assad regime in Syria.

So as strategy is developed to halt the ISIL rise, attention must be paid to the home creation resentment among youths that force them away from the safety of their homes to spill blood in the sands of the Middle East. Attention must not be limited to the social-media tools of the ISIL recruitment, but must include the causes of resentment.