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Ukraine Cannot Go Much Farther Alone: NATO Could Help

Despite the determination and the guts Ukrainians have shown in their resolve to westernization, to democracy, to freedom, to equality and to the rule of law; the evaporating fumes of their aspirations are quickly dissipating into the wind with each passing day as the incursion military arsenal and might of the portly Russia, penetrate farther and farther into Ukraine. Like a lone victim attacked within the sanctity and the presumed security of his/her own home, whose screams for help are heard for miles, but not answered in kind to repel the assault from the grizzly perpetrator, Ukraine is under incursion from Putin's Russia.

Sanctions and warnings have not ward off the 'emperor-want-to-be' Putin. Ukraine's early diplomatic appeasement to Russia that it would not seek NATO membership has not deterred Putin's ploy. He has taken Crimea and seeks more of Ukraine. The early assessment by western nations that western boots will not be deployed in Ukraine has done nothing more than to embolden Putin's empire-building crave. As Kiev forces gained a momentum to finally quell rebellion and to reunify its territory, Russian armored columns have allowed pro-Russian rebels to open a new front in the conflict that has already killed 2,200 and wounded 5,956. Clearly, Ukraine forces are no match to the behemoth Russia.

That Ukraine has finally accepted the fact that it cannot match Russia's strength alone, Kiev has now called for full NATO membership. Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk who had earlier this year sought to appease Russia by suggesting that NATO membership was not on Ukraine's agenda, has now been forced to accept the truth that Ukraine's fumes to self determination are running out, thus he intends to "bring before parliament a law to scrap the non-aligned status of the Ukrainian State and establish a course towards membership of NATO," Reuters reported.

NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen is aware of Ukraine's dilemma, for he has determined that "...it is now clear that Russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and southeastern Ukraine."  

To this end, NATO could help. Underscored by the declaration of the Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko that: "The bringing of Russian forces onto Ukrainian territory requires an appropriate response from the EU"; and coupled with the revelation by Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski that: "Russia has carried out an invasion in Ukraine"; and by the realization made by Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt that: "Sanctions alone are not enough: he(Putin) is prepared to sacrifice his own people"; then NATO members meeting next week in Wales must make a unified declaration on Ukrainian security. Should NATO fail in this respect, then Ukraine will fail and fall.