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Peace - An Illusive Dream to Many, Hope to Millions

For millions of people across the globe directly effected by conflicts, peace and its prospects, have become coping mechanisms self-embellished into reasons to hope for an end to anguish, violence, death and destruction. From Syria to Ukraine to Iraq to Gaza, to Israel to Libya and beyond, there exist many - not partied to any of the conflicts, but doomed to the afflictions of violence by others.

Few will attain their desired solace, ease and normalcy. Millions will have comfort elude them for an unforeseeable time. Yet, as few find some measure of peace, the trajectory of world affairs and its naked exposure to violence, will seek to place another group of people, from some other locale on the planet, into the cross hairs of conflict; and giving credence to the Malthusian Theory. As world population increases and world nations adapt to changing technological and economic times, and with real world natural resources at a constant, economic goods will inevitably run scarce. The fittest and strongest will supply themselves. Thus war, famine, disease and acts of nature, will ultimate contribute to a sustainable survival number of populations. Sadly, it could be inferred that conflict is perpetual.

But the human spirit and the ingenuity and the intelligence of humankind offer the alternative of actuality over theory; thus, peace is possible for all, if all the terms are agreeable. 

Then it is possible that when Russia and Ukraine sit together tomorrow, a result could be peace to Ukraine. A dream yes, a possibility yes, a hope yes...a reality -  probably not, but we hope. Then Israel and Palestine could sit and work to achieve their own peace; then Bashar al Assad could self-commit himself to jail for crimes against the children of Syria and end three-years of war and stability destruction in the Levant; and then the ISIL could disband and embark upon a period of atoning. Just all dreams, maybe? But hope could either be dangerous or glorious - a result of decisions made by humans.