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On Consideration of Options to Security and to Stability

That international peace and security is under credible threat to the stability of humanity to function effectively, is a fact. From Ukraine to Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Israel, Libya, South Sudan, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, on the the South and East China Seas and elsewhere, tensions, conflicts and threats of disease have reached an epic point in our modern era. Thus, decisive action to quell these adverse effects to the sustenance of the human race is warranted.

With respect to considerations of options to re-reach measurable global livable stability, one factor rings true: response must be immediate, decisive, proactive, preemptive, coordinated, multi-lateral and broad in scope. No longer should response be limited to sole containment of threats. The sources of threats, tensions and conflicts need to be identified and to be eliminated.

Moreover, as operations to eliminate threats are undertaken, secondary operations to put down further threats that detractors seek to create as the primary operation is undertaken, must be hedged against.

Once the road to remove the threats established by ISIL is taken, it should inevitably lead to the source of such threats within the Levant. The road to Damascus must become a thorough fare to peace and stability.

In Ukraine, the determination by the Kiev government that Russia has now invaded  by sending a non International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) escorted convoy into Ukraine, is a clear violation of expressed agreed upon terms; clearly represents a deepening threat. To this end, NATO should utilize Ukraine's declaration as evidence to reinforce and to strengthen its defenses of eastern and central European members and potential applicants.

In Gaza, international response is warranted to secure the future of the children of Gaza, to eliminate militant missile threats to Israel and to re-open the sea to Gaza so that humanitarian aid flows to the besieged Palestinian people.

On the South and East China Seas, allied naval forces need to hedge against threats that China  not use the occasion of stability operations in other places, to pounce upon its smaller and weaker neighbors.

In Africa, the systems needed to contain and to treat the spread of Ebola, need to be strengthened. Elsewhere on the continent, terror threats from extremist in Yemen, Somalia and beyond, should be eliminated.

The point here is explicit: containment is no longer desirable - elimination is the rallying cry. Prolongation must yield to decisive immediate success. Volunteers sit in waiting. Here's to stability.