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Of Events and Missed Opportunities to Remedy Racist Conduct

Now that the six-shot-shooting death of an unarmed black youth by police in Ferguson, Missouri, has joined the growing list of world events marking a distinct era in human aspirations and trials - of which events are known but their conclusions undetermined, it begs the question as to whether or not enough is being done worldwide to identify and to prevent events that ultimately lead to violence, conflicts and wars. 

Cost-wise -  human and financial, wouldn't it be more beneficial to practice prevention rather than cure? What if events that would lead to tragic tolls of human life and large financial losses could be identified and prevented before actuality? It is possible.

In respect of the criminal death of Michael Brown at the hands of the Ferguson Police in Missouri, that tragedy could possibly have been prevented if all the signs and history of harassment, wrongful arrest and imprisonment and death of black men were assessed especially in the aftermath of the death of another black youth, Trayvon Martin, at the hands of a police-want-to-be in the state in Florida. But Trayvon Martin's death occurred and it has been mistakenly treated by some as just another death of a black teen. Guess what? The times, they're a changing. Michael Brown's death could possibly have been averted if reviews of police departments across the country were conducted following the arrest of black academic Dr. Henry Louis Gates at his Cambridge, Massachusetts house. And Michael Brown's death could possibly have been avoided had reviews of police departments and personnel were conducted following the police choking death of another black man in New York City recently. But who paid attention to the trend? What of the verbal assault directed weekly to President Barrack Obama?

The point here is rather simple: when an event occurs in another jurisdiction, lessons learned from each incident must transcend law enforcement jurisdictional borders as a means of continued training, updated policy and psychological assessment of active law enforcement members.