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Time to End Ukraine's Protracted Divorce from Russia

That an independent nation seeking to divorce itself from its former soviet master could encounter such a protracted period to consummate its determined aspirations from a jilted rusting former empire, is but a testament of Russian attempts to cling to a by-gone era - a time of grandeur and gargantuan influence, that is no more. Since last November when Ukrainians gathered at the Maidan to demonstrate and to re-affirm to Russia and the world, that Ukraine's preference for the future is with western civilization to be aligned with the European Union(EU) and not with some remnant union of nostalgia for Russia, Vladimir Putin and his pro-Russian supporters within and outside of Ukraine, have waged a meddling destabilizing battle against the Kiev government. The declarations and the aspirations of the majority of the Ukrainian people have been greeted with contempt by Russia and Putin's sympathizers in Ukraine. 

Ukraine's divorce proceedings against Russia started last November and today, August 6, 2014, Ukraine is still attempting to be free of its meddling former master. Not satisfied with annexing the future problem-plagued economic puzzle that is Crimea in March, Russia has stoked much dissent and agitation in Ukraine's east. Some 1,400 have died from Russian menacing and some 4,000 wounded since mid-April in eastern Ukraine. 

But as Ukraine forces advance upon pro-Russian Donetsk to finally establish some degree of stability and full unity to all of Ukraine remaining sovereign territory, Putin and his Russian forces are gearing up for another incursion into Ukraine. Russia has re-deployed thousands of troops to the border with Ukraine. While NATO numbers of the tally of the menacing troops are placed at 20,000, Ukraine has confirmed that 45,000 Russian troops are waiting to delay and to attempt to deny Ukrainian aspirations.

Ukraine has made known its aspirations. Russia must accept the will of the Kiev government. It's time to complete the divorce. But for Ukraine to be finally free, it will need some help. Economic sanctions are beginning to bite Putin, but not enough for him to forgo Ukraine. Thus NATO must become more proactive in eastern Europe to lend a hand to Ukraine, Moldova and others whom Putin might be eyeing as a secondary prize. NATO must disallow all Russian tactical claims of NATO increase security assistance to eastern Europe. NATO must counter Russian actions with full security coverage to all NATO members and potential members in eastern Europe. Only then will Putin respect the rights of other nations. Contrary to Putin's antics, he deeply fears NATO and the security it represents to Europe, but NATO needs to become more proactive rather than defensive and Putin will send his troops home to Moscow where they belong.