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Any Arrogant or Lunatic Action in Conflict Must be Second-Guessed

Israel has now confirmed that the purported abduction of an Israeli soldier by Hamas that contributed to the voiding of the cease-fire in Gaza, was not true. The soldier, who obviously served his country with valor, died in battle. Yet, many who have sought Israel's escalation of the Gaza tragedy in defense of the security of the Jewish state, and those who sought to use the alleged abduction as fodder for the escalation of violence against the innocents of Gaza, must now shoulder some guilt for the continued humanitarian ill in Gaza. That the soldier died in battle rebuts the allegations laid by Israel that the cease-fire was just a ploy by Hamas to abduct an Israeli soldier. Though Hamas's actions during this 2014 Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been that of lunatics, that this Israeli soldier was not taken by Hamas, defeats Benjamin Netanyahu's claim of possessing a crystal ball of Hamas's behavior that inferred that the truce was a ploy by Hamas to carry out the sinister act. So sure was the Israeli leader that Hamas had staged the alleged abduction under the disguise of a cease-fire, that he tongue-lashed Washington for attempting to broker a peace to bring comfort to the innocents of Gaza. 

But Netanyahu's arrogance in the conflict and his seemingly blatant disrespect of Israel's staunchest ally - the United Sates(US), and the Obama administration, has reached a point that demands an apology to Washington from the Jewish leader. As reported by the Associated Press(AP) yesterday under the banner: Netanyahu to US: Don't second guess me on Hamas; the article inferred that Washington in trying to stop the innocent killings in Gaza had pushed a cease-fire agreement upon Israel. And Israel, under Netanyahu, knew that Hamas would do something like use the peace to kidnap an Israeli soldier. The AP quoted Netanyahu as saying to the US Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, in a telephone call: "...not to ever second-guess me again" after the Israeli soldier was allegedly abducted. Now the world knows there was no abduction, Washington and the international community must continue to question and to second-guess all parties - both lunatic and arrogant, contributing to the human tragedy of death and maiming of innocent children and civilians in Gaza. In any arena, and under all circumstances, events that cause the death of hundreds of civilians including children, must always be scrutinized and justice must be rendered on behalf of the innocents.