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Toward a Break in Gaza's Violence...to Peace

That the warring parties in this 2014 Israeli-Palestinian conflict must want peace in order to end the violence in Gaza is arguably logical, but wanting peace and having the rationale to implement the steps to a wanted peace is an alien actuality of both Israel and Hamas. The volatile factions of lunacy versus arrogance is too weighted by the handicaps of hatred, of disrespect, of anger, of vengeance and of distrust to facilitate any rational compromises for peace. Thus, in the absence of "something breaking" between the parties to create a fantasy-peace, a third party or parties remain the only hope to bring peace to Gaza and to provide a break from death and destruction to the children and civilians of Palestine.

As Hamas and Israel trade accusations as to the party responsible for breaking a fifth truce in this 2014 conflict, the international community has to come to terms with the stark truth that too many children and civilians have died and continue to die in conflict. On the 25th day of the war, 1,650 Palestinians, mostly civilians including children have died. The injured in Gaza now tops 8,900 Palestinians. Sixty-one Israeli soldiers have died - all since Israel began its ground incursion into Gaza, and three civilians have died within Israel from Hamas rockets.

Some reports emerged earlier this morning questioning whether or not an Israeli soldier purportedly taken hostage/prisoner by Hamas was indeed taken or that he died in early fighting when the truce was broken. Acting upon Israel's concerns, Washington yesterday called for the unconditional return of the soldier. Appearing frustrated at the multiple breeches of truces in this conflict, United States(US) President Barrack Obama has said that the sides to the conflict must want peace in order for any cessations of hostilities to end. President Obama was visibly choked with concern over the number of children and civilians death. He reiterated the US role to "project what's right and to project what's just" in these recent world conflicts.

But a sliver of hope remains for relief in Gaza. Iran complained earlier this week that Egypt was dragging its feet on allowing aid into Gaza. With the Egyptian border crossing with Gaza at Rafah closed, Iran complained of difficulty in getting humanitarian aid to Gaza. But earlier today, as Egypt attempts to bolster its status by brokering a cease-fire in Gaza, the Egyptian government reopened the Rafah border with Gaza today for humanitarian reasons. The call to reopen this crossing has also been a demand of Hamas. So, with this latest humanitarian gesture by Egypt, maybe Hamas will now shelve their rockets and solace could creep over the sands of Gaza bring some comfort to the children and civilians of Palestine.