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August 2014

On Consideration of Strategy on ISIL - A Look at ISIL's Youth Lure is Warranted

Any strategy on the ISIL must include careful analyses of the true causes of the group's lure among the youth in the Middle East and in the Western world. That the ISIL is technologically and social-media savvy enough in its dissemination of propaganda to effectively lure recruits,  is not sufficient enough to satisfy the reason for the swelling ranks of youth leaving their homes to fight jihad. That the ISIL, according to Reuters reports, has been able to recruit 6,300 new fighters in the month of July alone, stands as testament to a larger and to a broader lure that is attracting  so many youths, among them as many as 2,000 westerners, to fight in the desert.

Ukraine Cannot Go Much Farther Alone: NATO Could Help

Despite the determination and the guts Ukrainians have shown in their resolve to westernization, to democracy, to freedom, to equality and to the rule of law; the evaporating fumes of their aspirations are quickly dissipating into the wind with each passing day as the incursion military arsenal and might of the portly Russia, penetrate farther and farther into Ukraine. Like a lone victim attacked within the sanctity and the presumed security of his/her own home, whose screams for help are heard for miles, but not answered in kind to repel the assault from the grizzly perpetrator, Ukraine is under incursion from Putin's Russia.

Ukraine's Prolonged Nakedness to Russia

When Ukraine finally realizes its aspirations to westernization, democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law; it would have endured a prolonged period of naked exposure to probing and raping by a molesting Russia, which like a jilted lover, finds it difficult to accept the end of a bad relationship and resorts to retaliatory stalking. 

Russia's harassment of Ukraine has been, and continues to be deadly and costly, yet the dejected Putin continues to cling to a nostalgic past of iron- fist dominance over the Ukrainian people - a time that most would like to keep within the dusted records of what has been.

Putin's Fallible Gambit - To Pester Ukraine into Europe's Gas Demanding Winter

The revelation and affirmation of Russian soldiers battling alongside pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine is not surprising. Ukraine and NATO have long complained and confirmed the existence of Russian forces on Ukrainian soil from Crimea to Donetsk to Luhansk and elsewhere. Russian forces have been planted in Ukraine for purposes of prolonging the eastern Ukraine conflict into the winter and to be used as point troops upon Putin's full invasion of Ukraine. Putin's pro-Russian rebels recent southern push to the sea in Ukraine, to lay way for easier Russian access to Ukraine, falls into the general plan to invade Ukraine.

A Shift from Centrist Rule is now Warranted

The Centrist ideology is sound political governance for freshmen leaders seeking to sustain a cohesive domestic atmosphere while applying common sense solutions to national affairs with a view to long term benefits. The Centrist garners time to demonstrate his/her duty as leader of all the people. Centrism particularly works well to hone economic conditions on the national level. Thus, it is true that most democratic leaders, naturally, in spite of their elected platforms, do move to the center upon assuming office.

There Must Be No Coordination Nor Cooperation with Assad

That Syria has had the gall to seek any type of international help to battle the ISIL is simply cynical. That Assad now faces the fruits of his own created dissent, violence, death and destruction, is somehow a fitting form of justice to finally bring an end to his war that has killed some 200,000, including thousands of Syrian children - many gassed to death by his forces. Any western cooperation or coordination with Assad's forces would amount to high treason of the tenets of international law and of humanity and of democracy and of freedom.

Peace - An Illusive Dream to Many, Hope to Millions

For millions of people across the globe directly effected by conflicts, peace and its prospects, have become coping mechanisms self-embellished into reasons to hope for an end to anguish, violence, death and destruction. From Syria to Ukraine to Iraq to Gaza, to Israel to Libya and beyond, there exist many - not partied to any of the conflicts, but doomed to the afflictions of violence by others.

Few will attain their desired solace, ease and normalcy. Millions will have comfort elude them for an unforeseeable time.

Winning Against a Global Threat - Ebola: A Coordinated Response

In this era of multi-national armed conflicts that threaten international security, often, much attention is paid and given to these events, while a wider more dangerous virulent threat to international security - global health, is overlooked. The recent outbreak of Ebola in western Africa(Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone) had all the trimmings to turn into a full blown global catastrophe to inflict more harm than all the armed conflicts if not contained and attacked.

But thanks to requests for assistance by some African nations and rapid coordinated consulted responses by groups like the Elizabeth R.

World Sufferings: An Indictment of the Impotence of the UN Security Council

Not that United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC) causes sufferings, but the Council's inability to carry out its chartered duties to safeguard international peace and security, has exposed hundreds of thousands of people to suffering worldwide. 

To this end, last Thursday in her final briefing before the SC as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, South African jurist Navi Pillay, as reported by Reuters, chastised the body for putting short-term geopolitical concerns and narrowly-defined national interests ahead of intolerable human suffering and grave breaches of global peace and security.

On Consideration of Options to Security and to Stability

That international peace and security is under credible threat to the stability of humanity to function effectively, is a fact. From Ukraine to Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Israel, Libya, South Sudan, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, on the the South and East China Seas and elsewhere, tensions, conflicts and threats of disease have reached an epic point in our modern era. Thus, decisive action to quell these adverse effects to the sustenance of the human race is warranted.

With respect to considerations of options to re-reach measurable global livable stability, one factor rings true: response must be immediate, decisive, proactive, preemptive, coordinated, multi-lateral and broad in scope.