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Children Die as Lunacy V. Arrogance Rages in Gaza

If the old adage that "two-wrongs do not make a right" is true, then its is explicitly clear that Hamas is wrong for the lunacy of continuing to fire rockets into Israel. Israel is also wrong for the arrogant scope of its military operations resulting in so many innocent Palestinian deaths. So Hamas is wrong! Israel is wrong! The children of Gaza are the victims. The women of Gaza are the victims. The innocents of Gaza are the victims. The three civilians killed from rocket fire in Israel are also victims - all are victims of a deadly collision of lunacy versus arrogance being raged in this 2014 Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

My aim here is not to underscore the necessity of the right of the people of Israel like any other nation state to defend itself from attack,  for United States(US) President Barrack Obama, Secretary of Sate John Kerry, United Nations(UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and many other leaders,  have all conveyed this inherent right of the Israelis. But given the high number of children and civilians killed in Gaza from Israel's responses to Hamas rocket launches, I submit that since Israel has not demonstrated the military precision technology needed to avert the disproportionate ratio of civilian deaths per Hamas militants in Gaza, then the Jewish state must stand down its incursions into Gaza. I re-emphasize that since Israel has not displayed the military precision specificity technology required to target its Hamas foes within the densely populated urban setting of Gaza, then it must cease its offensive to avert a greater humanitarian tragedy than has already been created in Gaza. 

Thus far, 1,116 Palestinians, mostly civilians(over 70 percent according to UN figures) including children,  have died in this 2014 conflict, 6,500 have been wounded. Another 167,000 Palestinians are being sheltered from the conflict in UN centers. On the Israeli side, 53 soldiers have died, all since the ground incursion into Gaza began on July 17. Three civilians in Israel have died from Hamas rockets.

A temporary cease-fire has again been broken. Hamas has fired rockets into Israel and Israel has responded with attacks into Gaza from the air, sea and land. On Monday, eight children playing in a public garden in Gaza died along with two adults and 40 others were wounded from Israeli shelling. Overnight,  after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu warned his people of a "prolonged" campaign in Gaza, Israeli forces struck 70 targets in Gaza killing 30, destroying 20 homes, damaging two mosques and rendering Gaza's sole power plant in Gaza City inoperable.

Where is the resolve for peace? Pope Francis from the Vatican has called for peace. And recognizing the lack of any resolve by the parties for peace in this clash of lunacy v. arrogance, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon suffices: "It's a matter of their political will. They have to show their humanity as leaders, both Israeli and Palestinian," Reuters reported.

In the mean time, a violent child-killing humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza. Will the dead children of Gaza ever have their justice? And if so, in what form? How, and when,  will peace come to those surviving?