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Of Wrongs, Claims of Rights and War Crimes...to Define Gaza's Justice

What else could be said that hasn't been that would force the conflicting parties in the Israeli-Hamas conflict to a cease-fire and then to a peace? From the Vatican, the United Nations(UN), Western and Arab nations, repeated calls for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has resulted in naught. Children and civilians continue to die in Gaza under Israeli bombardment and anxiety jitters continue in Israel with air traffic restrictions because of Hamas rockets. 

Hamas is wrong for firing rockets into Israel. Israel is wrong for its pummeling of civilians with bombs and with a non-discriminatory ground incursion to weed out Hamas militants. The non-precise military operation has caused a significant disproportion of civilian and children deaths compared with the number of militants. While Israel has full right of claim to protect the security of the Jewish state from Hamas rockets, the conduction of its military campaign raises serious issues of war crimes given the growing number of Palestinian children and civilian deaths. That 635 Palestinians have now died with some 70 percent of those being civilians, the proportion of civilians deaths in Gaza thus negate all Israeli claims and the offensive should now end. Israel has recorded 31 deaths, two of those civilians. Hamas, encouraging this slaughter of Palestinians with its rocket attacks on Israel,  must stop its attacks into Israel. As reported by Reuters yesterday, France's foreign minister Laurent Fabius has acknowledged that the 600 person death toll in Gaza was not acceptable and that Israel had to immediately stop "the massacres and attacks." He added that the Israeli response was not proportionate. 

UN High Commissioner for Human rights Navi Pillay, at the opening of an emergency debate on the deepening Gaza crisis in Geneva yesterday, suggested that Israel may have committed war crimes by killing civilians and shelling houses and hospitals during the Gaza offensive. If this possibility proves true, it would be most ironic that Israel - the Jewish state, of all countries, would be guilty of such a humanitarian tragedy in 2014. It is paramount that an immediate case-fire be attained in Gaza.

Gaza has been suffering for sometime. And at least, Egypt, if it is serious about caring of the plight of the Palestinian people, could make a simple overture to peace, and signal an easing of the Egyptian blockade of Gaza. With such a gesture, some degree of justice and of respect could be accorded to the people of Gaza, who seek like most people,  to be free and to care for their families in peace.