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Of Conflicts and Innocent Victims

A commercial jetliner carrying 298 people has been shot down by missile fire over a conflict zone in eastern Ukraine; four boys on a beach in Gaza have been killed by Israeli artillery fire; a baby, two children and a 70-year-old woman, all died overnight during Israeli incursions into Gaza to repel Hamas rocket attacks into Israel. All the dead - victims of conflicts to which they were not partied. Many more will suffer. Many more will die. Conflicts are inhumanely non-discriminatory in the selection of victims especially when these violent events are perpetrated by irrational, arrogant, selfish and cowardly men. 

In respect of Malaysia Airlines MH 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down by missile fire as United States(US) intelligence has sufficed over eastern Ukraine within 25-miles of the Russian border, pro-Russian rebels fighting in eastern Ukraine have from time to time demonstrated a barbaric approach to warfare not witnessed in recent years. They have kidnapped international monitors to the conflict on a number of occasions. Recently they downed a single Ukraine cargo plane flying at 21,000 feet. So, while I refrain from naming the rebels as being responsible for shooting down Malaysia's plane, I submit that enough lawlessness exist in eastern Ukraine from Russian meddling to not rule out any party as guilty. Two-hundred and ninety-eight innocents flying at 33,000 feet in the sky did not have to die. Their deaths underscore the lunacy and cowardliness of some parties in armed conflicts.

With respect to Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, innocent children and women continue to die because Hamas has decided to make martyrs of the people of Gaza. Hamas's unattainable conflict with Israel has brought the arrogance of the Israeli forces to wrought upon Gaza and its children and so far 258 Palestinians have died and two Israelis. Why would Hamas feud with Israel from the urban centers of Gaza Strip and not the desert? Hamas's stupid and selfish actions have exposed thousands of children and women in Gaza to the might of the Israeli forces and Israel is obviously not doing enough to protect Gaza's innocents from its wrath.

Warfare is hell. And hell has a place. The theaters of conflicts and wars should also have a place in order to protect innocents from harm.