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My Blog

Toward the Continuity of Freedom

I was born free - the son of a descendant of the fierce indigenous Caribs of the Caribbean and of a descendant of African slaves. I shall die free. My four sons, all born in the great United States(US) are free, and they,  and their children must always be free.

Henceforth, I submit that in order for Western nations to remain free for future generations, exacting scrutiny must be applied to relations that greatly enrich communist and repressive regimes across the World. Narrow scrutiny must be applied to relations with these countries so that they are not enriched any longer with great wealth that will then be used to erode Western civilization, ideology, influence and freedom. I am afraid, for I have already seen this trend being played especially by communist China to undermine western influence, culture and ideology. 

With the wealth Western relations have partnered with China to attain, China is now taking every conceivable step to erode Western influences in the east, in Africa, in Europe, in Latin America and elsewhere. Moreover, with its global Confucius Institutes, China is attempting to replace Western freedoms and ideologies with what Beijing conceives as appropriate by their communist standards.

This is a wake up call to Western nations of the future dangers pose by communists and repressive regimes to our civilization. Let us not wait until our grandmothers have to attain Beijing's approval to worship on a Sunday. Let us not wait until our brightest students are turned away from our best universities because slots have been reserved for communists. Now is the hour. Repressive and communist governments must be contained so that they disappear into the grains of their contaminated soils. Freedom must reign. As the great people of the state of New Hampshire have mottoed: "Live Free or Die".