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July 2014

Again, Lunacy V. Arrogance, Stokes Death in Gaza

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency(UNRWA) charged with refugee welfare had warned the Israeli army 17 times of housed Palestinian refugees within one its schools in Gaza. The location and coordinates of the facility were relayed multiple times to the Israel Defense Force(IDF). Yet, the site of refuge to 3,300 Palestinians to which the people of Gaza flocked to from elsewhere in Gaza on advise from Israel, was shelled by Israel. Sixteen civilians died at the school and 90 were injured. While Israel claims that it doesn't target civilians, the attack on this UN refugee school full of Gaza refugees who went to the site because Israel told them to leave their homes because of a likely attack, underscores Israel's dangerous inability and recklessness to wage war in a densely populated urban setting with minimum civilian impacts.

To End the Killing of Gaza's Children and Innocents

To end the killing of so many children and innocents in Gaza, two things need to occur: Israel must stand down its operations in Gaza. Hamas must cease firing rockets into Israel. These two feats have eluded the lunacy and the arrogance of these two parties thus far, and as a consequence innocent children and civilians continue to die in Gaza, while anxiety from  incoming rockets send Israelis scampering toward bomb-shelters. But this Israeli-Palestinian conflict of 2014 is a deadly disproportional humanitarian travesty to the Palestinian children and civilians because Israel's response to Hamas's lunacy of firing rockets into the Jewish state,  has been arrogantly reckless -  imperiling many innocent lives within a densely populated urban theater.

Children Die as Lunacy V. Arrogance Rages in Gaza

If the old adage that "two-wrongs do not make a right" is true, then its is explicitly clear that Hamas is wrong for the lunacy of continuing to fire rockets into Israel. Israel is also wrong for the arrogant scope of its military operations resulting in so many innocent Palestinian deaths. So Hamas is wrong! Israel is wrong! The children of Gaza are the victims. The women of Gaza are the victims. The innocents of Gaza are the victims. The three civilians killed from rocket fire in Israel are also victims - all are victims of a deadly collision of lunacy versus arrogance being raged in this 2014 Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Toward Gaza's Peace...Reflections and Projections

The United Nations(UN) late last night called for an "immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire"  in Gaza. And last night in Gaza, despite one or two events that broke the silence of the night, it was the quietest night Palestinians have witnessed in 2o days. Should both Hamas and Israel adhere to this current truce as Muslims start the festival of Eid al-Fitr, the truce could be broaden into a wider peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians.

The last 20-days have been violent for the people of Gaza and particularly so for children and civilians.

With Each Truce...Small Steps to Gaza's Peace

That Hamas, after rejecting an Israeli 24-hour extension of the Gaza truce, has now agreed to a United Nations(UN) 24-hour humanitarian extension of the peace in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict,  is a small, yet a significant step to a  final resolution to bringing peace to the people of Gaza. But will the truce hold given the attitudes of both conflicting parties?

As Muslims get set to celebrate the Eid after a month-long disciplined-fast during Ramadan, a peace deal for Gaza would be a fitting ease to the children and innocents of Palestine. But winning a final peace of some kind will not come easy for both Israel and Hamas continue to allow deep grudges and anger that both harbor,  to get in the way of rational negotiations,  thus impeding any early path to peace. But any and all concessions both sides could agree upon are good signs along the blotted road to a consensus on peace to Gaza.

Post Gaza's 2014 Conflict...Enduring Effects

After Israel's security cabinet rejected a broad proposal to the peace of Gaza yesterday, both Hamas and Israel late last night agreed to a United Nations(UN) sponsored 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire which started at 1:00 a.m.EDT today and last until 1:00 p.m. today. Twelve-hours of partial ease, but yet sometime to perhaps broker a rational fundamental longer peace between the two parties. Whether or not this temporary peace holds, at some point in time, this present conflict will have to come to an end.

Sadly, No Peace for Gaza

Israel's security cabinet has voted unanimously to reject peace in Gaza. The AP is reporting that the cabinet in Israel has voted to reject the strides, diplomacy, hard work and endeavors of United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry,  to broker a cease-fire in the 18-day conflict between Hamas and Israel that has now claimed the lives of 828 Palestinians, most of them civilians and children and wounded 5,200 most of them also civilians, according to United Nations(UN) figures. Israel reports 34 soldiers killed along with three civilians.

A Cease-fire in Gaza by Sunday?

There is hope that a still-working proposal to bring about a cease-fire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be completed and instituted by Sunday. United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry has been making the rounds in the Middle East providing the much needed US input into the peace process. With involvement from Turkey and Qatar and hosted by Egypt, it is hoped that the peace would take the form of a five-day humanitarian truce to begin on Sunday. During this period, parties to the conflict would convene to discuss new border arrangements.

Gaza's Sole Avenue to Peace Rests with its Conflict Parties with US Input

The death toll continues to rise in Gaza to now number 718 as violence rages between Hamas and Israel. Overnight, an Israeli attack on Jebaliya refugee camp in Gaza killed six-members of the same family including an 18-month-old boy as it wounded another 20 Palestinians. A recent Hamas rocket attack into Israel landed with a mile of the international airport in Tel Aviv prompting a 48-hour-old ban of United States(US) and International flights into that area of Israel. The US restriction has now been lifted.

Of Wrongs, Claims of Rights and War Crimes...to Define Gaza's Justice

What else could be said that hasn't been that would force the conflicting parties in the Israeli-Hamas conflict to a cease-fire and then to a peace? From the Vatican, the United Nations(UN), Western and Arab nations, repeated calls for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has resulted in naught. Children and civilians continue to die in Gaza under Israeli bombardment and anxiety jitters continue in Israel with air traffic restrictions because of Hamas rockets. 

Hamas is wrong for firing rockets into Israel.