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The Road Thru Rebel Iraq Runs to Damascus

Should it be determined that strategic security interests endangering global security are threatened by the widening Islamist insurgency within Iraq, full consideration must then be given to the fact that the road through Iraq has been enabled by events in Damascus. Hence, all solutions into returning stability to crumbling Iraq, should also travel the road to Damascus.

Syria, and the ongoing war there which has killed 160,000 including more than 10,000 children - with more than 400 children having been gassed to death last year in a chemical gas attack; is the source of a far reaching contamination of instability in the Middle East. Syria has proven to be a fertile breeding ground of radicalism because of the climate and actions Bashar al Assad has created in the Levant.

That Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki has now stood with his Kurdish and Sunni critics in Baghdad in a cold, but promising sign of solidarity; gives hope that a review of the previous course of Iraqi governance could now give birth to a  working formula for stable co-existence of all sects in Iraq.

But before this granting of recourse and review could be ironed out, tested, and implemented; stability has to come first to Iraq. The rebels control of major oil fields could jeopardize global supply and pricing of crude oil as summer nears sending ripples through financial markets. Moreover, broader stability could only be attained if the road to Damascus is taken to end the source of much strife throughout the Levant and Middle East that has now engulfed Iraq.