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Some Comfort...Some Hope to Syria

Despite hindrances from both China and Russia at the United Nations(UN) to bring an end to the Syrian civil war; yesterday, United States(US) President Barrack Obama, sensing the humanitarian demise of the Syrian victims of the war, called for greater support of moderates in the fight against Bashar al Assad. Also, the President pledged increase support to Syria's neighbors - Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq - countries contending with the  daunting tasks of housing thousands of Syrian refugees, while confronting the passage of terrorists in and out of Syria. 

Speaking before the Class of 2014 at the US Military academy at West Point, New York, President Obama reiterated that war was not always the answer to crucial World problems. Yet, the President reaffirmed that "there are times when those actions are necessary and we cannot hesitate to protect our people." In other words, cautious and rational, President Obama will not subject the lives of American sons and daughters to every conflict others might construed as being actionable. However, if rogue authoritarians should ever suffice that this President is too cautious and that they could mount attacks upon allies or on American interest, they will be met and be held accountable by sure might.

So while yesterday seemed hopeless for Syrians to ever have the opportunity to elect their own governance less a  brutal dictator; today brings some comfort and some hope to the children of Syria. 

Full credit must be bestowed upon President Obama in his attempts to bring peace to Syria; not  because I am his staunchest supporter(and I say this publicly without any reservations whatsoever); not because he is the hero of my sons and I; but chiefly because of his caution, his level headedness, his rationale and his non-abusive wield of power. 

Following the Syrian regime's gassing of 421 children in a bombing raid last year that killed another 1,000 adults, I was enraged. I believed Assad needed to be punish severely and immediately. I wanted to see bombs rain upon Assad's palace. But President Obama, knowing of radical and violent extremists within the splinter forces fighting against Assad, admitted that Assad had crossed the "red line"; yet,  he took the upper road, displayed caution and restraint and sought a diplomatic solution to Assad's crimes against humanity. His restraint epitomizes the rationale the youth of the World admire in a global leader - one who is not too quick to the gun and to war, but having a preference for reason and peace. President Obama's actions have averted a broader war; thus, today, hope for peace and for the rule of the people by the people in Syria, remains within grasp.