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Of Thee Remaining Nobles...

Not of those belonging or constituting a hereditary class of the aristocracy thought of as high born or of blue blood; but of thee women and thee men exalted morally and mentally who hold aloft the meritorious principles of honor and servitude to humanity; of you I reference.

 I call upon you to reclaim your convictions and your ideals to champion freedom, democracy, human rights and equality. I call upon you not to abandon your humanly duties as protectors of the environment - of the air, of the seas, of the lakes, of the rivers, of the lands and of the rights of humankind, to the pursuits of temporary economic materialism. And that you remain steadfast and resolute to serving humanity.

From artists to artisans, from executives to brokers, from lawyers to clerks, from politicians to coal miners, from teachers to laborers, from accountants to athletes, from students to drivers; all have a solid  duty to perform under natural law to ensure that our world becomes a better place - a better place than we have found it. 

But to accomplish these things we cannot alienate ourselves in the shadows of anonymity and witness encroachment upon encroachment upon human dignity and upon the environment and remain silent. What does this mean?

In the United States(US): It means exposing and alienating  racist millionaires and police chiefs and branding them for whom they are as divisive ciphers on the path to racial unity.

In Turkey: It means holding a government accountable for ensuring required safeguards are in place to protect the health, welfare and life of workers.

In Russia: It means demanding full rights of the people from the government and access to the political process whereby people could have a larger say in deciding their destinies.

In Brazil: It means demanding the clean up of bays and rivers and that attention be paid to the poor amid lavish spending to host international events.

In Ireland: It means maintaining the rights of the individual against unwarranted intrusions.

In China: It means demands for liberty and for freedoms of speech and of assemble as well as  greater efforts to combat strangling air and soil pollution.

In Thailand: It means finding a vehicle to get better governance demanded by the people to the people.

In Syria: It means that thousands of children should be allowed to resume their childhoods without fear of war or fear of gas attacks.

In Egypt: It means attaining a lost cohesiveness and the creation of gainful employment for  many youth.

In Nigeria, South Sudan, Mali and Central African Republic: It means eradicating violence and attaining ways of religious and social unity free of corruption.

In Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago: It means a reduction in spiking crime rates and fair policing around Kingston.

In Ukraine: It means realizing democratic aspirations free of Russian meddling.

And we can go on and on, but the point remains; all thee noble women and thee noble men exalted by moral and mental character, who hold aloft meritorious principles of honor to serve humanity,  must reclaim our obligations to the environment and to the freedoms of humanity.
(A lamentation on a Tuesday.)