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My Blog

One Aspiration...To Freedom...Many Impediments

Wherever you maybe, sit back, take a deep breath, close your eyes, cast your thoughts upon yourself, your community and the World, then ask, what is it? What is it that peoples of the World desire most from ocean to sea, from continent to country,  from city to hamlet, from river to lake, from town to village, from brook to pond, from tribe to clan; what is it? It must be freedom. A freedom to live and to exercise those inalienable rights natural law has designated to all people with no consideration of class, caste, creed, color, race nor religion nor nationality. A freedom to participate in the arts from Istanbul and Ankara to Dublin and Belfast. A freedom from government domination and corruption from Thailand to China to Russia to Afghanistan to Venezuela. A freedom to live free of impositions from past empires from Ukraine to Vietnam to the Balkans. A freedom to just live and to survive from Syria to Egypt to Nigeria to Central African Republic to Sudan and South Sudan. And in America, Great Britain and western Europe, a freedom to maintain and to expand upon freedoms already being enjoyed. 

Yet, to attain and to maintain these freedoms, a task, which at face value appears easy, is not always ascertain. Authoritarian governments, having concluded that freedom to the people would undermine their grips of power and of domination of the people, set out to infringe upon the will, aspirations and freedoms of the people. Protests, escalation of tensions and war results. While nobody wishes war, and most rational people prefer the advancing of diplomacy as the the peaceful weapon to settle the wills of peoples, we must still fathom the necessity for war when peaceful solutions have been exhausted.

Ukrainians who stood for months on the Maidan in Kiev to assert their aspirations for a better future closer to the European Union(EU) and free of Russian, is a good example of a people demanding freedom. Subsequent acts against Ukrainians by Russia and Pro Russian agitators have all been conducted with the particular purpose to curb the aspirations of the youthful Ukrainians. Any impediments to a people to be free is sufficient for that particular people to go to war to remove the impediments.

In Thailand, Thais demonstrated for months against their government which they saw as corrupt, favoring an elite few and neglecting the majority of the people and the rule of law. Yesterday, Thailand's Constitutional Court removed prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra from office for abuse of power and earlier this morning, Thailand's anti corruption commission found the prime minister guilty of negligence and she could now be banned from politics in Thailand. Months of demonstrations have gained the Thai people the result they demanded without external forces seeking to curtail their aspirations.

Syrians, after years of domination by Assad regimes, are still locked in a bloody civil war that has killed some 150,000, including thousands of children - many of whom died by gas bombs from the Syrian regime. Yet, after four years, Syrians have not won the freedom they seek. And indications are that Bashar al Assad will be re-elected president even against a background of accusations by the United Nations(UN) that his regime has gassed children to death. 

In Egypt, former president Morsi sits in an Egyptian jail having been ousted by the army, which leader is now seeking Morsi's job. Hundreds of Egyptians have been sentenced to death and jailed for demonstrating their wills on the streets of Cairo, to Alexandria to the Sinai. The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed and Egypt's end game is far being finish.

In China, the Communist Party continues to arrest, to convict and to hold in jail many dissidents and freedom seekers including, Xu Zhiyong, as June 4, the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tienanmen Square student uprising approaches. Thousands of freedom seekers died in China during student demonstrations in 1989. Minimal sanctions placed upon China then by the World community, has given rise today to China's growing wealth and influence. So, China's aggression on the East and South China Seas today, amounts to the Communist seeking to influence the freedom and sovereignty of other nations from rewards gain after killing many student protesters within China. Will the Communist gain strength from this new aggression as it has from the aggression against its students?

Of these matters I submit for your consideration, reflection and discussion as we continue on our path to full freedom, equality and the respect of human dignity.