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May 2014

The Developing Security Cooperation of Asian Nations in Defense of Chinese Aggression

The United States(US) yesterday warned China to halt destabilizing actions in Asia. Japan has offered its utmost support for the efforts of ASEAN countries to ensure the security of Asian seas and skies. And the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia will enter security talks to defend against Chinese aggression.

These are but some of the actions China has prompted as it asserts its rising strength over smaller Asian neighbors. But given China's recent aggression, Asian nations, some with US security backing, have signaled that they will not be overrun by China and they are beginning to consult with each other in areas of security cooperation to defend themselves against further Chinese provocations.

Japan's Balancing Role in Asian Security

Last November, the People's Republic of China(PRC), flush with new wealth gained  from cheap labor; with a modernizing military; and driven by an insatiable appetite for natural resources, unilaterally demarcated the East China Sea. China's self-satisfying declaration of an Air Defense Identification Zone(ADIZ) was created and implemented without consultation with its neighbors. China's decision that Chinese interpretation of laws of the seas would trump international law over Asian waters, meant that China's line in the sea encompassed spaces already allotted to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Some Comfort...Some Hope to Syria

Despite hindrances from both China and Russia at the United Nations(UN) to bring an end to the Syrian civil war; yesterday, United States(US) President Barrack Obama, sensing the humanitarian demise of the Syrian victims of the war, called for greater support of moderates in the fight against Bashar al Assad. Also, the President pledged increase support to Syria's neighbors - Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq - countries contending with the  daunting tasks of housing thousands of Syrian refugees, while confronting the passage of terrorists in and out of Syria.

An Erosion of Faith in the Club of Nations to Protect Humanity

I intended a different topic today, but I elected this one after my seven-year-old son asked whether I would write about Syria's children. He knows of Syria's children because I have ensured that he and his brothers be made aware of the pangs,  the sufferings, the limitations and the aspirations of others. As we waited in the hot sun on Monday to enter Arlington National Cemetery to pay respect to those who died that we be free, President Obama's motorcade paused all actions on the sidewalks, and observing the required protocols needed to protect the leader of the free world, I reminded my two younger sons they could be the subject of such a pageantry of protection one day, my seven-year-old, simply said "and then I could feed the children in Syria.

A Snippet of World Affairs

As the end of the month of May nears, much has developed and continue to develop throughout our world. Here's a snippet of current affairs as the month of June approaches:

The European Union(EU)- has held elections for the European Parliament, and right wing and Euro-skeptic parties, have made gains, yet, not a majority into the Brussels, Belgium, European government. These anti-EU parties made noticeable gains in the United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Greece. In Poland, Italy and Germany, pro-European parties did well.

We Honor Those Who Died that We Be Free

Today is Memorial Day in the United States(US), a public holiday; a day on which we honor and we pay respect to the dead members of the armed forces, who gave of their lives that we may be free. Freedom is never free, and from the American Civil War to World Wars I and II and subsequent wars, we honor those who died paying that expensive price for freedom.

Those not celebrating with us in the US today, I ask that you cast your eyes upon your own history, upon your own lands, upon your own freedoms, and upon your own evolving freedoms, and identify an individual or individuals whom you know have died benefiting you and your society; and for one moment today or tonight, kindly observe a minute of silence in respect of your heroes.

A Miscalculation of Consequence in the Making on Asian Seas

Given all the actions: that China has unilaterally declared an Air Defense Identification Zone(ADIZ) over the East China Sea that overlaps Japanese administered islands; and that China's claim to a gargantuan swath of the South China Sea encroaches into the exclusive economic waters of at least five nations including the Philippines and Vietnam; a miscalculation of serious consequence appears inevitable that could plunge China into conflict with one or more of its neighbors.

China's new found wealth, a sense of destiny, along with its modernizing army, an insatiable appetite for energy and natural resources, are the driving forces of China's aggression and provocations on the seas of Asia.

Congratulations to Turkey on Big Film Win at Cannes

The Turkish film, "Winter Sleep" has won the top honor, the Palme d"Or at the Cannes, France, film festival. Congratulations to Turkey! "Winter Sleep" covers a family running a hotel in the hills of snow in Turkey. Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan has dedicated the top honor to the youth of Turkey and to those who have lost their lives in the past year including the 301 coal miners of Soma.

Finally..the Start of a Fight Back Against China on Asian Seas

The Philippines and Vietnam are determined to oppose China's infringement of their territorial waters. Earlier this week, Philippines President Benigno Aquino, who sounded the alarm earlier this year as to China's aggression to its smaller neighbors, hosted Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, for talks in Manila.

Emerging from the discussions, prime minister Dung  confirmed that he and the Philippines president shared "deep concerns over the current extremely dangerous situation caused by China's many actions that violate international law.

A Turkish Question

Ultimately; any, and all decisions as to the social, economic and political health of Turkey, will be determined and be answered solely by the sons and the daughters of Ataturk. 

History has shown that a people do not go to sleep one night, awake the next morning, then protest,  and demonstrate for naught and because of naught. History teaches that objections and discontents of some component of the social, economic or political systems, give rise to social unrest, especially when a people believe that their voices are not being heard or that there is no recourse to grievances.