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The Barbarism of the Central African Rupublic

"How many more children have to be decapitated, how many more women and girls will be raped, how many more acts of cannibalism must there be, before we really sit up and pay attention?": Sentiments of the reality of life in Central African Republic reported by United Nations(UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay. Barbaric incidents of cruel violence are being committed in hatred battles between Christians and Muslims. Central African Republic has been reduced to a state of "almost total impunity" with no justice, no law and order apart from that provided by foreign troops", the AP attributed to the UN Human Rights Commissioner. A poor landlocked country, Central African Republic has descended farther into a state of despair following a coup by Muslim rebels ousted president Francois Bozize. The rule of the Muslim alliance, known as the Seleka, has been marred by horrific atrocities. In January, the Muslim rebel leader president stepped down, and since then, attacks by Christians exacting revenge upon the Muslim minority has increased and vice versa. Hatred of the atrocities of the Seleka has resulted in barbaric crimes against ordinary Muslims, accused of collaborating with the Seleka. Mobs have killed, tortured and dismembered Muslim victims in retaliation for Seleka brutality during their rule. Some 6,000 African Union and 2,000 French troops have been deployed in Central African Republic as peacekeepers, yet the violence continues at times within the presence of foreign troops. Conditions have deteriorated to a point reminiscent of the Rwanda tragedy of the mid-1990s. " I cannot help thinking that if the Central African Republic were not a poor country hidden away in the heart of Africa, the terrible events that have taken place - and continue to take place - would have stimulated a far stronger and more dynamic reaction by the outside world," the Human Rights commissioner reasoned. She added that "Civil society organizations told me they rang the alarm bells long before the crisis turned into a calamity, but nobody listened."  Yet, "despite some improvements on the security front, the alarm bells are still ringing. If we get it wrong again(referencing Rwanda), by failing to support this country wholeheartedly in its time of need, we risk decades of instability and the creation of a new and fertile breeding ground for religious extremism, not just in CAR but in the wider region;" Ms. Pillay warned. The UN chief is correct; CAR is sinking, and sinking farther into barbarism every day. The state of near anarchy that exists there is ridden with fearful sights of citizens walking in the streets with bloody machetes and carrying severed body parts including heads in their hands.