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Note to Syria's Children IV

The bloody war that has gassed you, killed you, maimed you, starved you, exiled you and rendered you school-less and parent-less, has now entered its fourth year. I am so sorry for your losses. I apologize for the World community which has been unable to end the bloodshed and starvation around you. I recognize  the diplomatic process in place to bring about your amelioration as  a long pain-prolonging event, yet I encourage you, to keep your hopes alive, and to retain your ideals of freedom and of democracy, for it is only within a facilitated society with established institutional systems to maintain freedom, that the liberty of the human spirit could be championed. Many years of authoritarian dominated rule has created the unstable and violent environment in the Levant; and in the future, it will take grand attempts by you, your parents and eventually your children, to ensure the creation and the structure of democratic systems so that future generations would not have to suffer as you have. These are big roles to explain to and to even ask of a child, but you must be cognizant as to your conditions and simply ask yourself: Do I like what I see? Should this many adults and children like yourself die in vain? Are there alternatives? I know you are frighten. I am too. I am most frighten and angry at the fact that Bashar al Assad is still in power after gassing to death 421 of your friends last year. I am angry at the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China for blocking actions by Western powers before the United Nations that would have ended the war around you. But my fears are eased knowing that justice will eventually win out over evil and wrong doing. Assad will be held accountable for the crimes he has committed against you, your parents and your friends. Justice must be served. As in my last note to you, I  remind you that humanitarian groups and Western governments continue to work to end your pain and your suffering. Knowing this, should serve as a beacon to your hopes. Be strong. Have hope. Change will come to the Levant. May God Bless thee and keep thee well. Amen!