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How Aggressors Manipulate Diplomacy

There is sufficient evidence to support the fact that aggressive actors on the World scene manipulate diplomacy to enhance their illegal positions. This submission  is meant to underscore my previous blogs on the inherent weaknesses of diplomacy in this modern era. Russia has invaded Ukraine sovereign territory and while all the talks and the negotiations seeking a political resolution to Russia's gambit proceed, Russia continues to solidify its hold on Crimea whether directly, or though its related goons in the region. So as Western actors continue to debate and to consider the best possible forms of punishment to mete Russia's aggression, Russia, in manipulating the process, gives hints to desired talks, then gives conditions to these talks, all part of a carefully scripted ploy to delay  deterrrent sanctions. Yet, Ukraine's territory has been penetrated. As Ukraine was gaining control as to its desired destiny to be closer to the European Union(EU) and, thus, farther away from Russia, the former soviet empire's leader, Putin, entered the fray to confuse and to disrupt Ukraine's realization to a real democracy. Words outlining Russia's full and true intent into Ukraine and beyond were uttered at the onset of Russia's invasion, but very few read between the lines. Ukraine is not the end game for Putin, he intends to inflict frustration in the West. Russia's attempts to stall diplomatic processes are pure manipulations, designed to give Putin a chance, to better hedge Russia for the next ploy. So for modern diplomacy to work successfully from start to end, it has to be combined with an immediate punishment to fit the infraction committed, or as on a case by case basis, it must be combined with military threats or actions, as are needed,  and as were successful, in forcing Assad to give up his chemical weapons in Syria.