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In Lieu of Russo-Sino Support to Peace in Syria...

Alternate options to stalemated, stalled and blocked diplomatic efforts to win the peace in Syria are surgical strikes against the Assad regime from the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously, the humanitarian toll of child and civilian deaths and sufferings in the prolonged bloody war, is not a top priority of China nor Russia, both of whom on three occasions blocked measures before the United Nations to pressure Assad to end the war. Thus in lieu of their support, key strikes against the Assad regime are considerations with a simultaneous offensive by rebels who support democratic causes, the rule of law and the respect of human dignity. Another option is a major surge in arming democratic rebels so that an  impact on the Assad regime is immediately effected. Any fears of sensitive arms falling into the wrong hands after the offensive can be countered by a volunteer force assigned to and with the weapons. Another option is a volunteer force of Western nations on the ground in Syria to force Assad into ending the war. Volunteers would have to be covered on the Persian Gulf, Black, Red and Mediterranean Seas. Which ever action, it cannot be prolonged. It must be swift, decisive and effective. Time is of the essence to prevent more acts of crimes against humanity in Syria. The 11,000 children killed give moral, legal and international justification to end the bloody war in Syria.