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To Arms in Defense of the Philippines

As posted on this Blog on December 30, 2013, in my analysis of The World in2014 - Asia, with regards to the Philippines I wrote: "The Philippines and Vietnam which have both had sea disputes with China, will both seek greater western alliances as a counter balance to the strength and expansion of China into the waters of the East and South China Seas." I reiterated this position again on this Blog on January 11, 2014 under the title: Live Free or Die, I wrote: "...Yet, when we hear of China's communist government's assertions and expansions into the East and South China Seas, we must consider the freedoms of our cross-world neighbors in the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and elsewhere. Their sovereignties are now directly challenged by China as the communists are single handedly creating China's own interpretation of international law." My analyses were correct. Yesterday, Philippines President Benigno Aquino III, called on nations around the world to support the Philippines in resisting China's assertive claims to the seas near his country. In an interview with the New York Times and published online, Aquino likened his country's predicament to that of West's failure to support Czechoslovakia against Adolf Hitler's demands for the Sudentenland in 1938. "Like Czechoslovakia, the Philippines faces demands to surrender territory to a much stronger foreign power and needs more robust foreign support for the rule of international law if is to resist these demands," the NYTimes attributed to Aquino. He added something we've been saying here at Community Affairs Consultants for sometime now: "At what point do you say 'Enough is enough?'" The president told the NYTimes that the "world has to say it. Remember that the Sudentenland was given in an attempt to appease Hitler to prevent World War II," and now we know the history. Here is a ripe opportunity for the West to reaffirm the Philippines as an ally. The people of the Philippines must be made to feel safe knowing that the West has the Philippines back. The actions and antics of the Beijing communists are clearer now. The 2012 Scarborough Shoal event between China and the Philippines, is as explicit as an event could be, that clearly demonstrates China's belief that Chinese law is the law of the International community and not vice-versa. The US mediated Scarborough Shoal incident was being negotiated when both sides were supposed to withdraw per agreement. The Philippine forces, being civil to negotiations, withdrew, the Chinese remained. And thus they remain today. Such are the antics of the communists. To arms, to aid , to support; the world community must stand with the Philippines. Those of us who do not fear bullies, know very well , the best way to stop a bully is very early before the bully gains egotistical strength to harm others before the bully is finally stopped cold. Many likely victims are saved once a bully is stopped early. There is a bully is Asia. The bully is the communist government of the PRC. The International community has been duly warned. By any means deemed necessary, the stalwarts of freedom and democracy must stand with the Philippines. Be strong Manila!