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When a War's Occupation Ends

Last night, a suicide bomber and gunmen killed 21, mostly foreigners, at a restaurant popular with westerners in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Taliban, yes the Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the deadly event. While the United States(US) negotiates with the Afghans as to the size, if any, of US troops that will remain in that country after the US winds down the war there at the end of this year, this event occurs. Now here is a fundamental flaw about modern warfare and especially of the aftermath, the drawn down, the exit: there should never be any immediate exit following a conflict in which the blood of soldiers of a peace-keeping democratic force was spilled. Once the legitimacy for a war has been established, and the event waged, a contingency agreement that a peace-keeping force will remain within the war theater nation  should be a foregone conclusion to all transitional national governments. The nationalistic cry of installed governments following a conflict should never be sufficient to trump the human lives and economic goods spent in bringing about  the peace. Maybe it would be best to attain a declaration of war before such conflicts so that an agreement will be needed at conclusion by the actors. Should the Taliban return to Afghanistan, what could be said of the lost lives of the international forces spent attaining the peace? A withdrawal to leave the mining resources to China? Why should a GI's death be noted with China's successful completion of road in Afghanistan? In countries of conflict within which they have been involved, Western democratic powers must always remain to ensure democracy and the promotion of human rights. A mechanism should be constructed with benchmarks reaching to an exit time - a time which should not be controlled by the left over corrupt politicians of the war theater nation. There is no reason why Western civilizations should shun expansionist necessities at this time in the name of peace and freedom. For if not the West, then who? Was Iraq ready for self-governance? Former US President William McKinley understood this expansionist theory in putting the Philippines next to the US; something that might be needed again very soon as China continues to harass its weaker neighbors. To the naysayers, yes, there is the history of Beirut and the Marine Barracks there, but this is 2014; and fortification creates needed addition jobs within the Defense and Security  contractor sectors; and yes, their is an economy to war, attaining the peace and sustaining that peace.