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November 2013

For the Sake of the Syrian Children...

For the sake of the Syrian children, could somebody, anybody, somewhere, anywhere, please put an end to the Syrian war. The Syrian war is making horrific casualties of a generation of innocents. So was the warning issued yesterday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR). The UNHCR  released stark data on children caught in the saga that is the Syrian civil war which Al Jazeera fittingly reported. 
Of the 2.2 million refugees of the war, 52 percent of that total are children; 75 percent of the total children are under 12.

A Check on China...

A check on China must be maintained for Beijing's real aspirations and agenda for global clout are questionable. A communist government with a poor human rights record, restricted freedoms and no democracy must be checked, unless we all wish to live Beijing's way. China's recent demarcation of the East China Sea is just another one of Beijing's bold moves to assert control upon the free world. The United States sensing this forceful move by China has challenged the PRC by flying US bombers through the demarcation zone without informing the Chinese.

Here's to the American Indian...

Once you freely roamed the river, mountain and valley lands with the buffalo and elk, but today I hardly see any of you. Your stories and your legends have been the best first games of childhood to a dying generation. The movies about your pursuits and struggles are globally seen.
So on this Thanksgiving day 2013, I raise my family's turkey to you the American Indian, the native American, the sons and daughters of Chief Seattle, Geronimo, Cochise, Chief Joseph, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and many others. I am thankful to you.

I Am Thankful...

As we approach Thanksgiving, I duly submit and inform that I am thankful that I live in the United States of America. I am thankful that this great land has accorded me the opportunity to live free, democratically responsible and with inalienable rights. I am thankful for our Chief Executive President Barack Obama and the level headedness with which he has led through storm and calm. I am thankful for my four sons who have had, and continue to, enjoy the privileges of the best public schools and of the best private Universities in the World located right here in America.

Where's the Stability? Where's the Democracy?

The Middle East is an erratic pendulum of stability. Before the ink could dry on the Geneva accord between the International community and Iran related to Iranian nuclear capabilities, another event that bears a direct relation to stability in the region has sprung up to join other chaotic events.
On Sunday, the military backed Egyptian government passed a series of laws essentially curtailing democracy by criminalizing most forms of protest in the country. The new laws have in essence returned authoritarianism to Egypt much like the Mubarak era.

What's Next Ukraine...

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets of their cities on Sunday to protest their puppet government's caving to pressure from Russia and scrapping a major trade pact with the European Union. The political and trade pact agreement with the EU was to be signed this week at a summit in Lithuania, but the Ukrainian government abandoned the planned last week opting instead to consider a trade pact with Russia and a couple of other former soviet republics.
But the voices of the majority of Ukrainians prefer an alignment with the EU, which they deem as a faster tract to sustain economic and social development.

Toward Peace and Stability

The agreement reached between Iran and the International community with regards to Iranian nuclear capabilities is a welcomed event toward Middle East peace and stability.
The deal calls for Iran to cease its enrichment of uranium beyond the level needed for power stations; to reduce its stockpile of uranium enriched beyond the five percent point; to give greater access to international inspectors of its nuclear facilities including daily access to Natanz and Fordo nuclear sites.
 In return for these actions, the International community  will impose no new nuclear-related sanctions on Iran for six months; provide sanction relief worth some $7 billion in sections of the Iranian economy including precious metals; suspend restrictions on Iran's petrochemical exports to the tune of $1.

Let Ukrainians Decide

Forward thinking people of the Ukraine are protesting their government's decision to delay a trade pact with the European Union. From Kiev to Lviv, Luhansk and other cities of the Ukraine, Ukrainians are protesting their government's puppetism to Russia. Progressives in the beautiful cities of the former Russian republic are saying "no" to the government's decision to delay a trade pact with the EU which was expected to be signed at a summit next week.

Fifty Years After...

It was on a Friday, as is this week day,  fifty years-ago, on November 22, 1963, that John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
Today, we honor and pay homage to yet another life in the pages of history, who was killed way too young.
On this day fifty-years after, we must stand to ensure history doesn't ever repeat itself; we must stand in unity to rid our society of the cult and of the malicious act of violence and especially of any such violence toward the President of the United States.

A Medical Alert...

A critical story as an opinion column by the Director of the Center for Disease Control(CDC) and reported by CNN went under the radar on Wednesday. In his opinion piece to CNN, CDC Director, Tom Frieden issued a stark warning as to antibiotic resistant infections. He warned: "It's a big problem, and one that's getting worse."
Dr. Frieden alerted that the mostly hospital-housed Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae(CRE),bacteria resistant to most and in some cases all antibiotics is on the rise.