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A Philosophical Moment...

Often, I ponder humankind's future and purpose . To this date, working toward World peace has been the best, most popular and most anticipated response by contestants in beauty pageants; and there is a good reason for that: the world has never been at peace.
As human souls develop upon the thresholds of womanhood and manhood, the theoretical concept of attaining peace in the World engulfs a person who is other-centered. Working toward the betterment of the society, the people, the World -  becomes a true calling, until; the sum of an individual's experiences(life) leads one into becoming a part of the problem rather than of the solution.
Charismatic political leaders become dictators after becoming intoxicated with the Kool-Aid of power. Former Peace Corps volunteers fed-up with the continued observations of the inadequacies of governance among the less fortunate they have given their sweat and tears to serve become ultra-capitalists. Journalists bent on righting the wrongs of ill-communities are uprooted from their lands and are casted a drift asea. Non-profit activists working with the homeless are robbed and assaulted by those they are trying to assist become far right wingers. A young Ohioan with a promising future is unjustly harassed daily by rural police throwing him into the judicial system and ruining his aspirations to go to college, he becomes an anarchist. The young kid from Harlem, New York, is racially profiled by police over and over until he finally becomes what they have determined he ought to be - a criminal. These stories could be repeated worldwide with some variations depending upon an individual's nationality.
In reality, we have a World that could never be at peace because some individual takes it upon him/her self to tread upon the rights of another.
That's why there is war in Syria. Starving and displaced children in Syria. Conspiring violence in Egypt. Evil terrorists in Yemen. General tensions in the Middle East. Tribal and religious violence throughout Africa. Domestic violence within homes in America. Rightists violence in Europe. Deaths in the Caribbean and Latin America. Multiple arrests and suppressions of the human spirit in Asia. And so on and so on. 
So as we approach the yuletide season, lets resolve to be kind and to be considerate of one another. Maybe we wont attain World peace, but, just perhaps, we may attain stability. Be well.