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Not So Free?

China Central Television, CCTV, in an attempt to buffer recent Western stories of curbs and checks placed on Chinese media, carried a story yesterday under the headline "US press not so free, experts say". The story time-lined 10.24.2013 came a day after a South China newspaper daringly ran a front-page headline "Please Release Him" in a plea to police authorities in China to release one of their journalists arrested and held in custody for days without access to a lawyer for reports he filed about a part state-owned company. The BBC, ABC-News, CNN and other western media picked up on the story. Against a background of a United Nations human rights body report criticizing Chinese human rights record with specific reference to journalists and dissidents, CCTV released their "Not so free" story yesterday referencing a New York City based non-profit report "slamming the Obama administration for prosecuting government sources and seizing journalists' records..." What CCTV failed to cite was that the matter concerned classified information and data. What CCTV failed to mention was that in America, there are no restrictions on social media sites on the internet. What CCTV failed to mention was that Chinese citizens and visitors could access all these internet sites while in America, but not in China. What CCTV failed to mention was that there is no other place on the planet where the Press is freer than in America. Need I continue? I should because CCTV went even farther by posting a questionnaire about the objectivity of the World Press on the said page as their "Not so free" story. In a country of 1.3 billion people, at 8:25 p.m. ET yesterday, only 136 had filled the questionnaire. The recorded nationalities of those 136, of which I was included, and Chinese was not given as a direct option, 27 responded that they were American; 6 British; 0 French; 3 German; 1 Russian; 2 Arab; 31 Other Asian Pacific; 5 African and 60 Others. Whatever the result CCTV was hoping for was borne in the responses. Question 13 asked: In your opinion, which of the following countries have the best image in International affairs? Forty-two respondents said China; 29 US; 27 Germany; 17 UK; 9 France; 6 Russia; 5 Japan. Question 11 asked which country's media do you feel have a more objective view on the reports concerning China: 60 China; 41 US; 40 UK; 34 other; 25 Russia; 16 Germany; 12 Japan; 10 Qatar and 9 France. Now you do the math. It is not fuzzy; 136 respondents: Asian Pacific and others equal 91, US 27, no option to choose Chinese, how did the CCTV stalwarts vote? At no time 91 votes tallied for China; contrastingly, the vote for the American Press surpassed 27 each time. Really CCTV? We know freedom in the West and we are willing to share it with all. Here have a piece:  ummmmmm, so good isn't it?