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October 2013

A Philosophical Moment...

Often, I ponder humankind's future and purpose . To this date, working toward World peace has been the best, most popular and most anticipated response by contestants in beauty pageants; and there is a good reason for that: the world has never been at peace.
As human souls develop upon the thresholds of womanhood and manhood, the theoretical concept of attaining peace in the World engulfs a person who is other-centered. Working toward the betterment of the society, the people, the World -  becomes a true calling, until; the sum of an individual's experiences(life) leads one into becoming a part of the problem rather than of the solution.

An Evolving Splash in the South China Sea

What type of wave will emerge from the recent and ongoing splashing in the South China Sea between China and Japan over claims to disputed islands? Who knows? For Japan's sake, it had better not be tsunamic for China has overtly shown a wing of its new economic-boom acquired military  'toys', nuclear submarines; and they are very capable of invoking greater damage than many tsunamis. For China's sake, the wave had better not be an ocean-crawler for that would prompt Japan's trump in the West into the equation. China doesn't want this outcome. Thus, a solution: Against the background that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe threw a boulder into the ocean  creating a bigger than normal ripple with Japan's purchase from private Japanese of Senkaku islands -  knowing China's claim to said Diaoyu islands; Japan could now lease said islands to the United States. That's it, no more details.   

Another Human Rights trial In China

Three human rights activists seeking to expand legal rights and to encourage civic engagement in China by demanding disclosure of public officials' wealth and equal education for all children are on trial in Northeast China charged with illegal assembly. The illegal assembly amounted to a dinner the group hosted amongst themselves where they took pictures of themselves holding banners demanding reforms. As the New York Times reported yesterday, the trial of Liu Ping, Wei Zhongping and Li Sihua is "...a gauge of how far the Chinese Communist Party will go to stamp out the nationwide New Citizens Movement, which the three defendants supported." New Citizens Movement is the group that calls for greater reforms within China and according to Human Rights Watch, since March of this year, some 18 activists have been arrested in China for hosting dinner gatherings. Yesterday at the trial in Xinyu City, Jiangxi, Western diplomats monitoring the trial were denied entry to the Court. Raphael Droszewski, a first secretary of the European Union, along with diplomats from the US and Canadian embassies, were turned away by Chinese officials. How long will China continued to be offered a seat at the 'big games' with its current human rights record?

A Jostle in Southeast Asia

For the first time ever, China is conducting military exercises in the western Pacific utilizing all three branches of its forces. Japan is scrambling fighter jets out of Tokyo in response to activities in International waters off Okinawa. Japan has stated that it is their "intention as a state not to tolerate a change in the status-quo by force..." But as China unveils its secret arsenal of nuclear submarines, the cards in the Southeast Asia shuffle appear to favor the nation of 1.3 billion people. But Japan  shouldn't sweat too many bullets because it has a winning trump as an ally in the Southeast Asia deck. Here's to hoping the almost fighting words from Beijing and Tokyo are just nationalistic rhetoric aimed at testosterone gratification within both national borders.

I Smell A Rat

That the jailed reporter at the heart of the unfolding journalism and Press freedom event evolving in Southern China has now given a televised confession to falsifying the news reportedly for bribes, does no more, than to casts further suspicions on the Chinese Media and its policing. The confession by the reporter  came more than five days after he was arrested and some days after his newspaper published its headline "Please Release Him". The course of events leading up to this televised confession are all suspect given China's history and record of human rights. How come the rigid censors in China allowed the headline in the first place? Were the Western Press and observers like myself duped into a sinister drama orchestrated with a predetermined outcome by alliances within China seeking distraction from unfavorable world organizations reports on human rights? I do not know. I submit that events of this kind the World Press reported on in Southern China this past week, will continue to occur until finally, all men and all women, from all four corners of the globe are able to speak and write freely about the conditions and operations of their societies without fear of reprisal and punishment. And for us who dare take up this torturous stake - that is the mighty pen and computer in our modern times, to advocate for the betterment of society; we must do so under a code of honor and  a pledge of service to the people. I reaffirm my commitment to the afore. The cause continues. Many good fights are yet to be fought. 

Not So Free?

China Central Television, CCTV, in an attempt to buffer recent Western stories of curbs and checks placed on Chinese media, carried a story yesterday under the headline "US press not so free, experts say". The story time-lined 10.24.2013 came a day after a South China newspaper daringly ran a front-page headline "Please Release Him" in a plea to police authorities in China to release one of their journalists arrested and held in custody for days without access to a lawyer for reports he filed about a part state-owned company. The BBC, ABC-News, CNN and other western media picked up on the story. Against a background of a United Nations human rights body report criticizing Chinese human rights record with specific reference to journalists and dissidents, CCTV released their "Not so free" story yesterday referencing a New York City based non-profit report "slamming the Obama administration for prosecuting government sources and seizing journalists' records..." What CCTV failed to cite was that the matter concerned classified information and data. What CCTV failed to mention was that in America, there are no restrictions on social media sites on the internet. What CCTV failed to mention was that Chinese citizens and visitors could access all these internet sites while in America, but not in China. What CCTV failed to mention was that there is no other place on the planet where the Press is freer than in America. Need I continue? I should because CCTV went even farther by posting a questionnaire about the objectivity of the World Press on the said page as their "Not so free" story. In a country of 1.3 billion people, at 8:25 p.m. ET yesterday, only 136 had filled the questionnaire. The recorded nationalities of those 136, of which I was included, and Chinese was not given as a direct option, 27 responded that they were American; 6 British; 0 French; 3 German; 1 Russian; 2 Arab; 31 Other Asian Pacific; 5 African and 60 Others. Whatever the result CCTV was hoping for was borne in the responses. Question 13 asked: In your opinion, which of the following countries have the best image in International affairs? Forty-two respondents said China; 29 US; 27 Germany; 17 UK; 9 France; 6 Russia; 5 Japan. Question 11 asked which country's media do you feel have a more objective view on the reports concerning China: 60 China; 41 US; 40 UK; 34 other; 25 Russia; 16 Germany; 12 Japan; 10 Qatar and 9 France. Now you do the math. It is not fuzzy; 136 respondents: Asian Pacific and others equal 91, US 27, no option to choose Chinese, how did the CCTV stalwarts vote? At no time 91 votes tallied for China; contrastingly, the vote for the American Press surpassed 27 each time. Really CCTV? We know freedom in the West and we are willing to share it with all. Here have a piece:  ummmmmm, so good isn't it? 

A Salute To You The People

Today, I pay tribute and I salute the following people of the towns and cities across our Globe who have lent an ear to my blog. It is not an easy task daily to write and to commentate on serious matters of human concerns. I aim to do my best to ensure freedoms to all people as natural law demands. I wish good health and prosperity to all. I thank you...
Washington, DC, USA
Kiseldv, Russia
Beijing, PRC
Lviv/Lvov Oblast, Ukraine
Putian, Fujian, PRC
Kiev, Ukraine
Menlo Park, California, USA
Redmond, Washington, USA

"Please Release Him"

"Please Release Him"... that's the bold headline of a South China newspaper today as it calls upon Chinese authorities to release one its reporters being held by police. The New Express in Guangzhou(formerly Canton), Guangdong province, dared the bold headline following the arrest of journalist Chen Yongzhou on October 19, by police in Hunan for alleged "damage to business reputation". Mr. Chen, according to the BBC, wrote several reports earlier this year about Zoomlion, a part state-owned construction equipment company. The Hunan provincial government has a stake in Zoomlion. Mr. Chen's stories centered on improper accounting of sales. Before the Hong Kong Exchange in late May, Zoomlion called the claims "false, groundless and misleading". The New Express ran the story after Mr. Chen had been detained for three days and nights without seeing a lawyer..."we are a small newspaper, but we have the backbone no matter how poor we are" were the fighting words from daring paper. Stand all journalists of goodwill, here lies a good fight that demands your participation. For the sake of freedom wishers all over the world, you journalists in the major media houses, please forget about your five-course dinners and black-tie events; here is a cause that begs your attention, it is a cause of freedom, it is a cause of dignity, it is a cause of the deprived bee cut off from the succulent flowers you continue to enjoy and to take for granted everyday. For heavens sake, rise ye men of good will, lend an ear, an eye or a line to your counterparts in the PRC.

Peace in Syria

Peace in Syria...this is my early Christmas wish. I pray that a speedy conclusion be reached to end the deadly civil war there. For the sake of the many children who have had their innocence of childhood torn from them, the adults need to communicate, negotiate and compromise to end the human tragedy that is the Syrian civil war.

On the NSA Activities

It is fundamental and paramount that citizens within a country understand that with every right demanded, there is a responsibility to society that comes with that right. Which comes first, the right or the responsibility is debatable just like the chicken versus the egg; but there is a partnership relationship that's unchangeable. With that said, enough already with the complaints over the NSA's collection and monitoring of the dissemination of communications data. This country suffered an unimaginable loss on September 11 - a loss that many have committed their lives to ensure that such an event never ever again occurs on US soil. So the monitoring of communications by the NSA is a very small price to pay to ensure the safety and freedoms of our society. Those complaining about the surveillance should center their concerns solely on the NSA using the data for matters of national security. The married conservative with a large family should not complain for fear of his/her indiscretions outside the household being known. The executive having an affair with the hot-body 23-year-old intern or the 30-something exotic new employee need not complain of communications monitoring unless his/her actions have a direct adverse relationship to the national security of this country. Moreover, those people who knowingly and willfully communicate and transfer money to known terrorist individuals need to worry for the monitoring should be designed to identify such. Regards to Brazil, France and Mexico, countries that have complained, they know the connections that exist within their borders which represent direct threats to US national security, so why the fuss? Checks need to be put in place by the NSA that Snowden-type individuals cannot access and publicly disseminate such data.