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September 2013

If It Comes Then So Shall It

The looming possibility of a Government shut down in Washington is becoming more of a reality with every passing minute. Nobody of sound mind wants a shut down, but if so, then it is. Democratic Senators must not yield to the tea baggers in the House of Representatives. A message must now be sent that the rude and dangerous tactics of House Republicans has played its course. Desperate attempts by the tea baggers to undermine the Presidency and the Administration of the United States Government is beginning to resemble treason in my eyes. But, there is hope soon, House Republicans will have to stand for election in 2014; and more and more, 2014 looks as though it will be an important decisive year at the polls.

Those House Republicans

Those House Republicans bent on dismantling the Affordable Care Act are playing Tea Party obstructionists politics with progress in the country. Totally opposed to President Obama and hell-bound in their efforts to erode all beneficial policies of the President's Administration, those House Republicans are counter - productive to establishing a stronger America. To keep this country strong and as a global leader, those House Republicans must be voted out of office in 2014. Progressive minded voters must remember these acid episodes by House Republicans when they enter their respective polling booths next fall. 

Peter Boyce

On considering the new overtures by Iran, many skeptics are suggesting as a 'Trojan Horse' Iran's stated intents to right itself in modern society. I beg to differ, the Iranian people deserve all opportunity to put their house in order and demonstrate to the World community, a commitment to peace and to declare and to establish that its nuclear programs are non-weaponry. Should Iran comply with the rules of non-nuclear proliferation, then the Iranian people should be allowed to 'buy bread as normal' and sell oil openly on the World market.

The Damning Cult of Violence

The cult of violence that is manifesting its ugly presence all over the World poses a threat to all civil society. From the Washington Navy Yard to Chicago, Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and many other places, the recent flare up of recent mass killings must be condemned. What are the causes? They are complex in nature, but an  underlying factor appear to be individuals and groups bent on creating mayhem for their own selfish shortcomings. Each and every incident needs to be looked at to determine the why factor and it is only then that we can truly understand this unwanted cult of violence.

A Note to the Syrian War Refugee Children

To all the children effected by the Syrian War: Do not despair, I know for a fact that a number of governmental and non-governmental agencies are hard at work to alleviate your suffering, pain and bewilderment. I cannot even venture to fully understand your plight for you are the sufferers and I am the observer. But you must understand that humanitarian folks are hard at work to bring you relief. You have not been forgotten, you will never be forgotten because you are children, the innocents in a chauvinistic event to which you were not actors but the victims. If you should ask, how long will your uprooting continue and how long will your childhoods be put on hold; I will venture to answer with the tale of the monkey when his tail was cut off; the monkey, despite his horrid pain, responded: "It won't be long now". Continue to be children, do your lessons, play a lot and remember that not all governments are like the one that has forced you and your families into camps. Soon, the barren sands at the camps where you now dwell will give way to a bright fertile future with a hope of true democracy and freedoms to be a child as a child ought to have. Be well!

Is Immigration Reform Alive?

Late last Spring(2013), I attended an Immigration Reform forum in the K Street corridor of Washington, DC. There, for the first time, I met Simon Rosenberg of NDN and what awed me about Simon was his enthusiasm about getting an Immigration Reform Bill passed. Since then, the Immigration Reformed Bill has passed the US Senate and the baton has been passed to the House of Representatives. On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at his offices a stone-throw away from the White House, Mr. Rosenberg hosted  a discussion on "Evaluating  Immigration Reform's Prospects" with Frank Sharry of America's Voice and Tamar Jacoby of ImmigrationWorks USA.

What Now?

My preference is not to delve too deeply into US domestic issues for I believe that here in this country, and not in many others, a standing review of tragic events is standard policy, which often yields needed changes to flaws in operational procedures that contributed to such events as the Navy Yard tragedy. But I beg to mention the common factor that is so apparent in all these tragedies -the easy access and possession of guns. Maybe, instead of threatening to shutter the Government this fall, Congress could once again look at meaningful gun ownership responsibilities and criteria.

Solemn Washington

The mood here in Washington, DC,  is solemn. We convey our condolences to the families of the victims in Monday's shooting tragedy at the Navy Yard. We pray that the survivors find counsel as they struggle with the why question. May the undeserved kindness of God be with us all. 

Your Deaths Were Not In Vain

If the agreed upon plan to rid Syria of all chemical weapons is successful, then the deaths of the children who suffered in the gas attack would not be in vain. Their deaths would demonstrate and mark a time period of the eradication of chemical weapons from a mass stockpiler. The deaths of the children have also brought another signatory to the non-chemical weapon agreement at the United Nations. To the deceased children of Syria, your deaths were not in vain.

What of the Syrian Children?

How will the gassed Syrian children find justice? Who will bring their innocent milk-boned aspiring souls justice? Would Syria's transfer of its chemical arsenal to International control bring them justice? No! Only the United States of America can claim justice for the gassed-suffocated children of Syria. The only way the US can accomplish this is by punishing the Syria regime for its crimes against humanity. Once again, let me reiterate: If a mass murderer surrenders his weapons following mass killings do we shout "yahoo!